My first post about our hectic family

So I have been meaning to sit down and write about our struggles and triumphs for about a year but today I felt ready to sit and talk to the strangers of the world wide web.

So who are we?

I am mum. I am 27, I am currently on maternity leave from a full time job in the finance industry. I have battled depression since my teens and am still dealing with it.

Then there is Dad, my husband, my rock and my best friend. We decided he would concentrate on his photography so that he would be a stay at home dad that our kids needed. He gave up his career for my mental health and to be the much needed ‘stability’ the kids need.

We then have our big girl (BG) – she is currently 7 going on 17. She is amazing and is a mini mummy. Dad is not biological dad but pretty much is in every way as sperm donor left when he found out BG was on her way. She sees her sperm donors parents and sister every week as they are amazing and want to know her.

Then we have our Middle one (MO) – he is wonderfully inspiring. He is on the Autism Spectrum (still awaiting the official diagnosis but if you know this route it can take years to officially being diagnosed in Kent but everyone agrees he is on the spectrum it is just a waiting game to officially be diagnosed and this makes parenting a struggle but so worthwhile.

3rd child is smallest boy (SB) – Threeanger and proud!

finally we have baby girl (BBG) – She is currently 5 months old, and undergoing various tests due to her muscle weakness. We were told after SB’s birth I wouldn’t be able to have a viable pregnancy but  hey presto BBG proved them wrong 🙂

So thats us…. just a plain old family trying to figure out the world.


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