A lot can change in 23 years

So feeling pretty poop at the moment so trying to find ways of thinking positive.

This morning MOs school phoned as his behaviour was immense, resulting in a hurt friend and an anxious MO as he lost his front spot in the lunch queue. All I could muster was an ok. It didn’t even click that of course today he would kick off and the slightest thing would set him off. Friday was non uniform day and A change of routine after school, Saturday he had fun at a birthday party, which is out of routine even though he loved it. Sunday You could tell it was getting to him, he started to get frustrated at the smallest of things, his OCD was immense and again a routine change due to it being Mother’s Day. I should have picked up the warning signs to pass onto the school but I didn’t. I knew today he would explode, all his clues were there yet I just didn’t pick up on them. I should have picked up on it all and then maybe the phone call would never have happened.

Autism was named back at the beginning of the century and it was actually blamed on lack of maternal attachment now just under 100 years later and they think it may actually be genetic, even if they never find out what causes it, the understanding has completely changed!

It’s crazy to think in 1994 Aspergers was formally named! Since then it has been grouped with autism and is now called high functioning autism.

23 years ago the phone call wouldn’t have been a phone call understanding that MO couldn’t help his behaviour, 23 years ago it would have been ‘your child’s attacked another child, his feral’. So much has changed in 23 years! I worry about MOs future a lot, I worry about him getting a job, his family and his friends then I look and think of the advancement of knowledge and the help has changed so dramatically in 23 years I wonder what the next 23 years will bring!

Then it makes me think of my little BBG… worrying about the outcomes and thinking DNA testing has come so far that even if we don’t have an answer in this round of testing who knows about in 4 years time or even 10 years. Looking at the medical advancements even if we get a diagnosis we really don’t want to hear, medical advancements are amazing, I’m not saying they will fix her barrel chest or reduce her head size etc but they may be able to help her in ways only imaginable at this precise moment.

MO was born at the time where formal diagnosis down in Kent takes a few years however the help and knowledge is already in the schools helping him. I am so glad I live in a time where schools are equipped with the knowledge of how to help. I can remember getting so frustrated knowing something was wrong but not being able to figure out why, I can’t begin to imagine the frustration of parents in the past, knowing something’s wrong with their child but probably being told it’s just their naughty or even worse it’s the way they were brought up with no support.

I don’t know why BBG is the way she is. I don’t know how far she will develop, whether she will sit by herself, crawl or walk. What I do know is I will be pushing her, I will get her the most help she can get and maybe in a few years medical advancements will mean she will be absolutely normal, or she will help pave the way for the next generation…

There is no point worrying about the future (even though I do and will) who knows what will be around in my kids life times! Maybe we will finally get flying cars… I guess this blog post is a very simple and not so neat blog post about how advancements are happening and advancements really can change a persons whole life!

Let’s see what the next 23 years will bring

The only person MO will hug no matter what. The love of these two melts my heart

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