Not even a week at home … HELP

I love my boy don’t get me wrong. He is a joy to my world like no other, his funny and caring and above all else is full of amazing conversation BUT wow he can talk and has ALOT of energy to burn.

So my last blog post I mentioned how I was feeling so bad for taking him to school as the hospital doctor said it was ok but school sent him home as he was so timid and scared and in pain (feel like such an awful mum). Well Thursday we decided to treat MO to sea life as my previous review blog stated. It was a very fun time and put a smile on our boy we hadn’t seen for the 24 hours since he had had his accident on the monkey bars. It was beautiful to spend quality time with him while the others were at school and preschool and be there with him and calm him down when he was anxious because of the crowds and not worry that SB would do a runner. The morning was so relaxing.

Then Friday came and he was back to being very timid and scared. His arm was hurting, he was restless, and he just couldn’t get comfy. So we set him up in our bed and let him spend a day watching cartoons as a treat. A couple of times when I went to check on him, he was a sleep. I guess his body was doing a lot of healing and making him tired and all the restless nights were exhausting him. 

I did manage to somehow persuade him to get in the bath with a bin bag on his broken arm. This was fine, he pleasantly surprised me with the lack of backlash he gave me about this, and even posed for a picture to put on the blog. It was so easy until putting him into the bath. To be in baths you need to be naked…. he wasn’t naked… he has a cast and binbag cover on…. he had clothes on… queue 10 minutes of thrashing around and me holding his arm so he wouldn’t try and get the cast and bin bag off but washing him as he was filthy. We got him out the bath and once he had calmed down I explained his cast and the bin bag are not clothes, he is naked it’s just a big plaster. We haven’t tried to bath him again since but he needs a bath tonight so hopefully this one will go smoothly.

BOOM! Hello weekend and energy! Our boy was back, roaring and causing havoc. The change of routine had caught up with him, the anger and frustration was there, SB touched his dinosaurs wrong, BG didn’t move out his way quick enough. Every 5 minutes we had to calm him down and sort out the other kids. It was exhausting! No amount of sensory calm down stimulation helped. He was a wound up, ball of energy that can’t do anything he normally can! he keeps twirling his hair so tight it breaks the outside layer of hairs. I’ve seen him knock his arm on purpose for it to hurt instead of thumping his head on a wall like usual. His excessive talking about one subject is still there, even to the point of waking me up at 2am to talk about it. All his ticks are coming out all at once and it is EXHAUSTING there is NO let up no 5 mins to sit down and collect your thoughts, my mum has kindly taken him for a walk so I can sit for half hour and chill at the moment. It is relentless. Don’t get me wrong he is hard and tiring 99% of the time but at the moment it is just really getting on top of me. This could be because BBG is having an awful time at the moment. 

Not only do I have MO getting me up to talk about snails during the night I also have BBG screaming in pain at night at the moment. As I’ve previously said we don’t know why or what is causing this so all I can do is hold her and try and comfort her. It breaks my heart! I dread to think what the neighbours must think at this shrieking baby being in pain but I am doing everything I’ve been told to do and it shatters my heart into a trillion pieces. You think your going forward, you think she’s progressing and then another thing crops up which makes you realise she isn’t ‘normal’. 

Dad fed her a 6 month+ purée the other day and this did go down ok, she had around 5-6 spoonfuls and it only took around 45 minutes to feed her which isn’t too bad! However after a night of screaming and not being good in the morning I tried to feed her again on a 6+ month purée and she couldn’t cope and just gagged and coughed on it. So I switched back down to the 4+month extra smooth purée and even this she gagged on, she did finally eat about 5 spoonfuls in an hour. Today she is still on 4+ month purée and she took 3 mouthfuls before falling asleep it was too exhausting for her. It just shows that not even her movement is up and down it’s even her feeding. You just never know what’s going to happen the next feed, let alone day. It’s exhausting I don’t know why she is so up and down, so able one day and so unable a next. She is just perplexing everyone and we will get to the bottom of it I am sure! 

Exhausted after her feed

As for SB he is continuing to run a muck around the house, his new thing is slowly pulling our place mats apart. He is super cute though and the other day just wouldn’t stop laughing after his bath. He just seems to know when you need a little hug As well, so although he drives me to despair some days, he always makes my heart melt- it’s like his trained himself into how to melt hearts after destroying the house! 

BG had her first sleepover at a friends house at the weekend and she loved it! She can’t wait to have another and has decided she needs a bearded dragon as a pet. Don’t you just love kids 🙂 she is loving life at the moment and is genuinely smiling most of the time. She has even started a YouTube channel with dad which has really put a spring in her step. 

As for me I’m starting to dip, however I am sure anyone would dip emotionally at the moment. I’ve just got to keep going. Keep ploughing on. There is light at the end of the tunnel and at the moment I am sure it’s just lack of sleep causing me to scream internally. 

I just had to finish on this photo, what a smilie bubba! 

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