How is it nearly June!

So today is the last Monday of May! How did we get to June already it feels like only yesterday that it was Christmas and somehow June has crept up on me! 

So this week BBG cut her first tooth! We are in shock BG and MO were our gummy bears and didn’t have teeth until well over a year old and SB had 1 tooth for about 5 months. As soon as I felt the tooth come through I dusted off the old milestone cards (bad mum alert I have completely forgotten to do them for the past few age related cards) and quickly took a few snaps! I am so excited that there is one thing BBG is doing normal. 

BBG is still not doing well with her eating. Dad tried her on 6month purée and this she just did a couple of mouthfuls and then completely zonked out. When I tried her on the same pouch later that day she struggled and gagged on every mouthful and so we put her back down to 4month purée. We will try again next week, however BBG has been gagging a lot again so I don’t know whether to keep at 4 months purée and wait for the gagging to stop or just try the 6 month food? If you have any tips or have been through this before I’d welcome any tips. 

I also took a picture of BBG and just looked and realised it reallly showed the difference in her ribs that her scoliosis makes. I knew her ribs looked strange but it’s not until you suddenly think of it and see it and a light turns on and a switch went on and I realised it was all linked. It’s crazy how much I have learnt about the body from BBG, how it moves, what is connected, what different abnormalities cause. She has taught me so much already I wonder how much more I will learn in her lifetime. 

We were also assessed by a charity for a suitable car seat for BBG. One that swivels so on her bad days we can get her in the car easily and one which is suitably padded with support adaquate for BBG. We also requested a specially adapted bath seat as the only safe way for BBG to have a bath is with me and this isn’t always practical. The report has gone off to the charity stating the assessor thinks we need both but have a 12 week wait to find out if we get approval. That with the wait for her adapted eating chair it just seems like a lot of waiting but we will get there! 

As for MO he has finally got his fibreglass cast!!! He is allowed back at school… although it’s half term…. but his allowed back to school! He is so excited as he really misses his friends. 

We went to the hospital and I was so worried about it. I decided to get there with plenty of time, to go and get parking and walk around 15mins there which would hopefully chill him out and relax him. It worked, well he was calm in the waiting room and thankfully we weren’t waiting long. We went into the consultant and told him in perfect detail how he had broken his arm, which drs he saw when he came to hospital when it happened. The consultant then spoke to myself about his recovery and how long the cast will be on (2weeks by the way). The consultant then started to talk to MO and he just completely retreated, he curled into a little ball, he refused to look at the consultant let alone talk. After explaining his in the spectrum the consultant nodded and said MO could go and choose a colour cast. 

He was extremely happy that he could choose his own colour for the cast and had his heart set on green … wow I was nervous. They were going through the colours they had and green was not coming up…. she then got to the last packet and there was green!!! I was so excited that they had a green one I was not prepared if they hadn’t got the magical green colours. 

While it was happening, his little eyes looked up at me and he looked like a deer in the headlights and he just said “I don’t know how I feel, I don’t like not knowing mummy but I can’t figure out which face I am’ it was heart breaking but also understandable, I don’t think I could figure out my emotions at that point. It was just upsetting to see how frustrated he was at himself for not knowing. 

After everything that has happened with MO he did finally completely loose his cool. His frustration with the routine change came out in all it’s glory on the Friday when we got home. I can’t really blame him but I just didn’t know what to do. I just retreated to the garden. His shouting and anger, his physical aggression. Everything just got right on top of me. Thankfully a family friend took him just for an hour so that I could refresh, I could calm the other kids down from everything that was happening. I am so grateful for friends who can help even if to just let me re centre and not sit in the corner of the room rocking backwards and forewords. I went outside and enjoyed the sunshine and MO got to calm down and play with some tortoises which he loved! I felt a failure for it being able to calm him down myself but usually Dad and I tag team with each other but Dad was out for the day and so we couldn’t. I realised how important that 5 minutes of collecting myself could be, not just for me but for the kids as they don’t have a mum who snaps and shouts at them. 

Saturday we had the pleasure of being invited to Bewilderwoods 10 year anniversary party, and we got to play all day and enjoy the park. I am not going to go into this to much as I am going to do a review blog on this topic however I am so thankful for my Mum being able to come with me so that she could help with all the children as Dad had planned to go out to do a photo shoot. I was so worried but other than 1 or 2 blips MO really coped well and a wonderful day was had by all. What’s even better is the kids got so tired they slept the whole way home so we didn’t get the ‘are we home yet?’ Noises. 

Just a few pictures more will be on my specific blog post later

Last night I went out out! It was a good friends engagement party and so Dad stayed home with the kids while I went and socialised. How I have missed my friends and just having fun! Most of the evening was a catch up and beer pong but it was an extremely good way of just completely letting go and forgetting all the problems at home. Although it was always nice to come home to BBG asleep on the front room rug as she wouldn’t fully settle without me being in the house. It was an amazing end to the night. 

This week has been emotionally draining and we still have a week of half term to go and I am already wanting to run. Wow the kids will not leave each other alone!!! However apparently that is normal!!

We have had lots of laughs, hugs and a fair few ‘KIDS grrrr’ but overall this week has been so up and so down I don’t know which would be more fitting. I guess it was just your ordinary week. 

How I would like to say a huge thank you for everyone who reads my blog. Without you guys I would have been talking to thin air and randomly spilling everything out while no one listens. Thanks to the amazing loyalty you have given me And have helped me stay sane, especially reading some of what you guys are going through too. Just a massive thank you. This week I had my biggest ever audience reached and again I want to emphasise that people read this blog for various reasons, but the fact people are interested makes me realise I am not alone and therefore if you can relate to my blog then you are not alone either. 

That’s all from me for now! Fingers crossed this half term goes off without a hitch 🙂



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