D day poppy visit

So I know D-day was yesterday (6th June) however due to my son not being very well and the heavy rain we decided to postpone our poppy visit until today. 

We drove to Gunners park and enjoyed the see breeze walking along the sea wall. SB decided to bring his trusted red trike and pedalled against the wind like there was no tomorrow. He had the odd break to look at the choppy sea water and the odd walk here and there but overall pedalled the whole way. 

I’m not going to lie it was super windy! Being able to see the poppy wave in the distance as soon as you got on the sea wall made it all worth being completely windswept!

We got to the Poppy pier and where there are 2 platforms to see the poppies at different angles. Each platform was manned by a volunteer and both were accessible for wheelchair and pushchair users. 

We got to our ideal spot and marvelled at the poppy wave and heard how it was part of the Tower of London poppy display. SB was fascinated at the poppies and loved the fact they started right at the sea wall and there was a line right up to the main wave. It wasn’t something he wanted to stay at long but he did let us take a few photos and loved being able to see the boats in the distance. If we had got there 30 minutes beforehand we would have seen the navy pass by which would have been amazing! 

It was such a humbling experience witnessing the poppies and I am so glad they are now in Southend even if only for a few months. 

We then followed the path round and found a lovely nature reserve. We only walked around the outside sadly as we had the trike and pushchair and a 4 year old moaning about the wind but we will return and go into the nature reserve. To be honest even walking around the edge of it was lovely. It didn’t feel like you were only a few hundred feet from civilisation. 

I am so glad we went. It only took an hour to do the complete circuit but it was an hour walk which I am glad I took SB and BBG on especially in these times where the news makes you worried about what sort of world we have brought our children in to. 

Walking back to the car 

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