Crazy hot week

This week seems to have flown by! MO has been struggling with the change of the routine as Dad and I have had appointments for BBG, which has mucked up his routine. This mixed with hot, wound up children and parents have not been good.

Everyday at home MO has really been struggling, yesterday I videoed just a snippet of a small tantrum, I had someone say to me they don’t believe in autism and the autism meltdown so I tried to explain and it just sounded like a bad temper tantrum… so I decided to film… but the only problem is as I was needing to give him my attention fully when it was a bad meltdown I didn’t really help fighting my corner. I guess I feel like I had to stand up for my son and other kids and adults out there. I wanted to show this person how tiring one meltdown can be how these meltdowns can happen all throughout the day over literally NOTHING sometimes. That these tantrums put my other kids in danger of being hurt let alone MO. I guess I just wish I could properly vocalise how I feel.

Little picture

We went to GOSH and The Autism Show which I have already written blogs about. However it spurred me on to write a more in depth blog about living with autism and what services are available. I’ve already spoken to a lovely lady who was diagnosed 6 months a ago as an adult and shall be discussing these issues too.

I guess I thought everyone nowadays knew about autism and realised that autistic children are different but were understanding, until this lady said about how she doesn’t believe it. I will say I am more then willing to educate people on my experiences with autism and help by pointing them to certain resources, as I completely understand people may just not know how it affects people’s lives. I guess that’s why I want to do a more in depth blog to help people on the journey and help people understand…. I don’t know if it will help but I have to try.

Anyway, today Dad took MO for some father son bonding time. To try and relax him and get him some well needed one to one time. He absolutely loved it. When I got home with the others he was so animated at telling me all about his adventures and what he had been up to. He has a Nick Baker bug kit so he is currently feeding ladybugs and we will release them back where we found them yesterday. MO also loved counting bees for the Great British Bee Count and inputting the data into Dads phone.

Anyway the kids are in the pool splashing and keeping cool but it is time to get them out ready for a Father’s Day BBQ at my parents house! Shall talk to you all later

O and I have some good news too! I am now the official brand ambassador for Bundle Bean! Check my Instagram and twitter page for discount codes 🙂

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