Playtoz mini stacking hoops review

While I was at The Autism Show we cam across the Playtoz stand, as mentioned in my ‘Autism Show Run Down‘ blog. 

Playtoz support centres where adults with learning and physical difficulties hand make some of their range making it completely unique. All of the toys are tried and safety tested and they quote in their brochure 

We take safety very seriously, offering the only EN71 toy safety standard tested Treasure Baskets in the UK. 

All our quality resources are carefully made and checked to offer maximum peace of mind

I have been looking at these stacking hoops for a while as I love the fact they help adult with disabilities while also being a unique way of bringing sensory play to my babies, although I was hesitant due to the safety aspect, however when I was talking to Playtoz I was reassured and decided it was to time to take the plunge and I was so happy I did BBG hasn’t stopped rolling around playing with the different hoops 

They come on 2 sizes, the smaller size is suitable for 10 months+ and comes in a Marmalade (one we have in this review), Pistachio and Purple. The larger size comes in Marmalade and Pistachio and is only suitable from 3 years+.

BBG has loved playing with the hoops. Her favourites are the wooden hoops as she is teething at the moment but she has started to love the hoops which are made of different fabric squares. The hoops are going in her mouth and she is feeling them and touching them. Her face lights up when I take them out of their handy storage bag.

They are a brilliant tool to use while doing physiotherapy with BBG. I sit her between my legs and  make her secure. I then put the stacker and the hoops in front of her and let her take the hoops off one at a time while sitting, this helps to strengthen the core muscles. 

With the hoops being all sizes and textures it als po helps with her grip. It means that she can grip different sized hoops and practise doing this from various distances around her, and teaching her how to grip different materials and textures. 

In a world full of plastic toys and plastic feeding equipment, this wooden sensory stacking hoops really stands out and BBG loves them. 

The RRP for the mini are large stacking hoops are £33 and £50 which is a lot more then your average stacking hopes however they are made ethically and environmentally resourced materials including being unique by the fact each is hand made. Unfortunately to do this it does cost a lot more then mass produced plastic alternatives.

This post is not sponsored and all thoughts are my own. I genuinely loved the product and wanted to review 🙂

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