Bundle Bean 

I came across the Bundle Bean in the spring Baby Show last year before BBG was born. We loved the concept. 

Dad instantly fell in love with the fact he could wear BBG in our carrier while he strolled around the fields knowing that she was safe and snug wrapped up in the Bundle Bean, as we love going out even if it is drizzly and dull outside. With 4 children we were looking for something easy to use, something that would be easy and quick to put on and the Bundle Bean ticked every box.

Then we were told it could also convert to a cosy toes for the buggy, just unvelcro the hood and it has converted. Due to the long Velcro strips, it straps around the seat making it completely pushchair interchangeable. The fact you can take it on and off so quick you can easily wash it and the best part is you don’t have the awkward struggle of trying to get your child into the cosy toes where it has started to slip off the straps of the pushchair. You strap the child in, then strap the Bundle Bean on, it really is that easy.

We also love how it comes with a bag that unlike a sleeping bag which you struggle to put it back into the bag, the Bundle Bean easily goes back in. It’s small and lightweight so it is easy to just put in your changing bag or in the basket. Infact due to the British summer even in the heat wave I have it on me just in case. This came in handy the other week when we went to an exhibition and the air con was cold BBG got too cold so out came the Bundle Bean and boom she was warm. Or take the other day when I went to our local aquarium, we went into the aquarium with beautiful sunshine, by the time we came out the beginning of a storm had started. Due to it being waterproof and wind proof BBG was all cosy and she was none the wiser to the weather change.

I found out recently Bundle Bean have now expanded to pram organisers and I loved this fact! I hate carrying around a changing bag. In fact I usually only take a nappy, wet wipes and my purse that’s about it. So this organiser is perfect. I can put 2 decent sized bottles into the bottle holders, a small pack of wet wipes, a nappy and a purse in the organiser, this means I can pretty much go out just with the organiser and if I go to a baby group I walk there and just unvelcro my organiser and take it in to the room, it’s a lot easier then carrying around a huge changing bag, it has a popper so can be poppered shut so that it isn’t obvious what is in the organiser. It is perfect for shopping trips or trips to the park where you need access to things quickly but don’t want to keep rummaging in your bag. I’ve has an organiser before and it is longer then my previous one and slightly deeper and I much prefer the bundle beans size. 

This is what is in my changing bag for a full day out, most can fit in the organiser, 

If you want a convienant, versatile and easy to use cosy toes then just head to the Bundle Bean website. The funky designs are always a winner and I am constantly being stopped to ask where I get my cosy toes from. 

I am also privileged to be a Bundle Bean ambassador and I can give you an exclusive 10% off code, just type ‘Olivia’ into the coupon section on the Bundle Bean website. 

Monday 3rd July I will be doing a competition to win a variety of items that I would put into my changing bag which includes a Bundle Bean go and Bundle Bean organiser in the penguin design. Visit my insta and twitter page Monday from 10am to see the prizes and how to enter. 

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