Fragrance and Autism Review 

After my Autism Show blog and Autism blog I got contacted by Fragrance & Autism to try one of their products.

They have researched a lot into how aromatherapy can potentially help with autism and ADHD

 My Son is Autistic and also has ADHD, like many other parents we have tried every option to help our Son. With my experience in fragrance, research and testing with other parents and children, we created this range of products to help others with these conditions.

As a parent to ASD as well, I decided it was worth a go and have been sampling their Peach and White Lilly essential oils out this week.

I got the pots through and opened them up, the peach was so sweet and a fragrance that instantly got to me and made me relax where as the white Lilly I found to be stronger and although relaxing the fragrance was just a little too strong for me personally. I was optimistic however as Fragrance & Autism have done the research behind how scents help calm autism and ADHD and so hoped these fragrances helped.

When MO got home from school, I showed him the pots and let him smell, he loved them both but actually really liked the white Lilly! I just laughed to myself and thought how funny, they really have done their research as I wouldn’t have chosen the white Lilly whereas my ASD child couldn’t get enough of it. Infact quite often this week I have seen him secretly smelling it when he was feeling like he is getting frustrated!

I have added a drop of each frangrance in turn to a bath this week and I was surprised at how much more relaxed MO appears to be at night.  Night time he can really be crazy after being at school so to even see a slight improvement was astonishing. The fact he also wanted to smell the fragrances when he felt slightly uncomfortable or when he was getting frustrated was also a major positive it was almost like he knew the smells were helping. So I think I will get a diffuser for his room so he can smell it when he is going to sleep.

I was a bit dubious when I was first approached, as smells have never really helped me in the past. After talking to Fragrance & autism and learning how much research they have done and how much it helped their own son I was very optimistic. I think I forgot that sensory equipment isn’t just light and sounds it is taste, touch and smell. Why wouldn’t smells work just the same as lights?

So after a week of using this, and seeing what a change it has made in MO, I would recommend trying it. It may not completely stop meltdowns but if it makes every day slightly more comfortable for MO then it is on my shopping list. I just want MO to feel comfortable and calm especially in his own home and this is a brilliant way of helping him achieve this.


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  1. mandyarraiz says:

    super interesting. thank you for this article


    1. Thank you for reading my blog, it has defiantly helped our son feel more comfortable at home. Will be looking more into the essential oil ranges

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      1. mandyarraiz says:

        they really are amazing. I just posted an article about these products that are infused with essential oils. check it out, you may find some products you like that would be helpful as well 🙂


      2. I will have a look 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Loving the look of some of these! Didn’t realise there was such a variety of things 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. mandyarraiz says:

        I know, they literally have a product for everything!


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