Marsh Farm &Paw Patrol

Sunday we decided to venture down to Marsh Farm. On arrival you enter a good sized car park, this has plenty of disabled bays and a big overflow car park which stewards will direct you too.

Considering we were in the overflow car park, we went straight to a lovely server who gave us our wristbands and an activity book for the kiddies. This book contained facts about the animals, little activities such as dot to dot and a stamp map, where you collect stamps at various points around the farm. 

There are a range of toilet facitlities right by the entrance of the farm which includes a disabled toilet. These toilets I didn’t see inside the disabled toilets however the women’s toilets were lovely and clean and spacious. There are toilets in the farm, and the disabled toilet I had a quick glimpse in and I was amazed and proud to see a disabled persons changing table area, I am proud to say Marsh Farm really is forward in their physical disability facilities. 

The kids stamping their book

As you walk in to the farm there is a big open play area and a giant inflatable JCB digger to your left, straight ahead is a craft area, this Sunday it was all Paw Patrol themed. The area is in a hut and is completely free to use. To your right is a massive sheep zone, this you can follow a path round to be able to really get close to the sheep. 

Our kids loved playing in the maze next to the llama enclosure, we didn’t take the pushchair in but the maze paths were wide and would have easily fitted our Uppababy pushchair through. It was a bark flooring so maybe would have been difficult for a wheelchair however use at your own discretion 🙂 

I also spotted a crazy golf being built opposite the maze, this looks rather fun but until it’s opened I am not too sure how it is going to work. 

All the farm animals seemed very healthy (I’m not a vet but they all looked plump and were all doing things not just lying there or pacing). The enclosures were easily accessible for anyone who has a physical impairment, the only one which has the finest of steps was coming out of the goat and koi carp enclosure.

We decided to split up at 12 so that our horse mad BG could do the horse grooming session and the boys could go to see paw patrol. 

We went into the stables and formed a que, and BBG got to go and groom the pony by herself so I could get my photos and got to spend a good 2-3 minutes in the horse pen by herself. The staff were very friendly and didn’t make it seem like they were rushing even though the que was huge. They answered BGs questions and were really helpful. The event was amazing and made BG come away with a smile. I will say we went as this activity started and everyone was sort of everywhere, the staff were doing their best but there was just a lot of people in a small area waiting to see the horse. I am glad MO didn’t do this activity with us. We did go back into the stable about an hour later and it was a lot calmer, and the que was a lot smaller, but the boys didn’t want to do the activity. So if you have someone who can’t deal with crowds lie MO, try going nearer the end of the activity slot. 

We rushed to go and see the boys and paw patrol and thankfully the boys hadn’t met the characters yet.

I was very impressed that before the characters came into the Activity Field, the farm understood parents and children would be waiting in literally a holding pen and did provide a clown, who was doing bubbles for the children to chase and pop, and this really helped with the children not getting bored. It was such a small thing but actually made our day at the fact Marsh Farm had thought about provoided entertainment.

You arrive in the Activity field and you go to the sides and the characters walk around the other side of the fence. It is quite hard to explain unless you have been to the farm. So the below picture, that was taken while we fed BBG in the field after the event, may help better explain it.

It was really good and again the characters didn’t just walk up and down waving. They stopped at each family group and got a picture. It worked out that Marshall started one end of the field and Chase, the other end. They then crossed in the middle. It did mean that if you were in the middle you could see both characters relatively close together and the people at the ends saw one character and then had to wait awhile for the next interaction. However the interaction shows were every hour and so you could do one end and see a Marshall and then an hour later come back and do the other end of the field and see Chase, this would mean that you didn’t have a child tantruming as they all do on day outs. The only negative I would say was the lack of shade in the field. However we were lucky that the weather was very pleasant so we were not too hot. 

MO found the crowds and the whole experience too much and just shut down and froze. 

The activity field is also attached to an eating area field. There are a few tables with umbrella shades on, some more structured tables that sort of look like an open ended box that again provides shade. If you can’t get a table there’s plenty of grass to sit and eat your picnic on. What’s cool about this area is there are deckchairs and beyond the deck chairs bouncing inflatable pillows. Basically a giant pillow to bounce on or a bouncy castle with no sides! The children loved these! And was a brilliant break for dad and I to just relax and catch our breathe before heading back off for more animals. We even got a couple of cheeky selfies. 

Unfortunately as it was a special day at Marsh Farms the crowds did get too much for MO so we left quite early. However we managed to see most of the animals, we just couldn’t go on the numerous play centres (indoor and out) or the tractor ride. This is something we will be going back for however and I will let you know how we get on 🙂

Overall, the farm had a good selection of animals, which you could go and physical touch and learn about. They had a variety of talks and shows on through out the day (including sheep racing! Wish we stayed until 4 for this!). And there is so much space to walk from attraction to attraction, 99% is disability friendly from the things we did however I can’t comment on the activities we didn’t do. Unfortunately there were crowds which is going to happened but actually we managed to stay at the farm for nearly 4 hours which is a record when it comes to MO and busy seasons, usually he can’t cope after about an hour so it must show how the fresh air and animals really helped with his ASD. 

On the way out you go through the gift shop and there is a breastfeeding welcome sign, there is a huge debate in relation about breastfeeding in public so to see this sign was a positive in my eyes as I still breastfeed BBG. 

We also saw that the gift shop has items from 50p upwards and actually each child managed to buy something with their pocket money which I can’t think of another place where they can do this! 

I would highly recommend going, and we will be going in the near future as I want to do the other activities we missed on Sunday. The day really kept the kids running around and engaged, on the way home they even fell asleep, what more could you ask for in a day out!

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