Coffee time!! A mums best friend 

I’ve had the Nespresso machine now for almost a month and I haven’t regretted getting it once! 

Nespresso has just started up a subscription where you get a machine for £1! That’s right £1.

There are 3 different levels and all contracts last a month.

Inissia Plan (RRP £89) at £18 per month

Inissia & Milk Plan (RRP £139) at £25 per month

Lattissina Touch Plan (RRP £279) at £45 per month

When you subscribe and sign up, as you pay in advance you pay the first months fee plus £1. Our coffee machine arrived the next day. Fast aye! Subscriptions can either be done online (we did it this way and it took 5 minutes) or go into a Nespresso cafe and they can do it in there as well. 

You then have that credit (the full months subscription) on your account, you can buy anything in the Nespresso website shop, from coffee pods, to accessories (mugs, cups and pod storage), and it even includes their biscuit/cake range. The fee then stays on your account, so if you don’t buy anything for a month or 2 don’t worry the credit will still be there. At the end of the 12 month contract you will be able to spend any left over credit for the next 2 years. It really is a win win. 

We decided to top up our monthly first fee so we could get some storage for our pods and a recycling bin. However the £45 worth of pods we got are still going strong. 

I think the flexibility of the credit is brilliant as we want to next month buy some mugs and top up our coffee, and the months we are on holiday we won’t want to buy any coffee at all. Knowing our subscription fee won’t disappear is amazing as there aren’t a lot of subscriptions that give you this curtsey.

You can download the Nespresso app and order items from there, do machine maintenance and check your account. This came in very useful when we were trying to figure out how to make the cup sizes bigger, one simple video and voila new bigger servings 🙂 

The shop has a 24 hour delivery service and you can also recycle your old pods. You can order pick up of your old pods any time and they either knock on your door or just leave the recycle bag outside your door. It really is that simple. For a family that we try to be as eco as possible (some areas like the car we can’t as we are too big for a small car and can’t afford a Tesla) this was a HUGE selling point.

I really hope they bring in hot chocolate pods as this would make the subscription perfect! 

Being able to hold my baby and operate a coffee machine safely is amazing. I can hold BBG in one arm and where our machine is all pre set buttons I can place my mug underneath, push a button and boom, there’s my coffee. Due to BBGs health I can’t leave her for a 5-10 minutes to make coffee in case she stops breathing so to be able to safely take her with me and not have to strap her into a high chair just so I can boil a kettle is brilliant. Also the milk container can go in the fridge for the next time you want to use it so no wasting milk. It also has a clean button you hold down and it cleans the pipe so no mouldy milk gets stuck in the tubing, very handy. 

It just makes my one perk easier, knowing my coffee is going to be perfect every time. 

The subscription service with the touch of the button on my phone and delivery within a 24hours is also amazing service! I am just so so chuffed I got the subscription. 

At the end of the day I run on caffeine having 4 children, 2 with additional needs, this has just made my life that little bit easier. 
All views are my own. 

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