Beau and Arrow handmade clothes 

As many of you know BBG has a few issues. One of these issues is when it comes to getting her dressed.

Finding clothes for BBG that fit her is easy, finding clothes that we can easily get on her is another question. 

Her muscles and reflexes in her arms and legs are diminished so although she can move them she finds pushing through sleeves and trouser legs hard and can’t do it. She is extremely flexible but where it is like getting a rag doll dressed. Getting her arms through certain arm holes is really difficult. Then we also need clothes she can easily get around in, clothes that she can do her unique snail like crawl, clothes that won’t look strange due to her scoliosis bending her in different ways.

I found Beau & Arrow on Instagram but they do also have an Etsy shop. 

    I spoke  to them and explained what BBG was like, without any hesitation they informed me they could easily add a little bit and change the pattern slightly so it would make dressing her easier. I agreed and ordered a variety of styles of their all in ones, we added a couple of custom bits to the design. I completely understood that they would take a couple of weeks to come through due to material having to be ordered, and I was absolutely fine with this, especially as I was getting a bespoke service.

    Within a couple of days I had a message as the material company had changed the stripey material, very slightly. I was absolutely fine with this. 

    I was communicated with constantly, then quicker then I had ever expected the pieces were on their way to me! 

    When they arrived I was like a child at Christmas and tore the tissue paper open to get to my wooden teethers and outfits and I fell in love instantly. 

    The material was beautifully soft, the stitching was superb and I then went to put them on my daughter and I almost cried. I have never got BBG dressed so quick as when she wore the Beau & Arrow outfits. They were perfect.

    One of the design features were bigger arm holes and this has been the biggest help as she can easily move with this feature. 

    BBG has worn them countless times and so have been washed too many times then I can count and the material has not faded, shrunk or got bobbly. 

    I am extremely happy with all my outfits and the customer care and communication. Infact they got some unicorn material in and this was advertised to make a certain style dress BBG can not wear, after a quick message another onesie was on its way and was received within 3 days! The unicorn rompers are available from August. 

    I can not recommend a clothes maker in high regard and when BBG needs a couple more pieces I know where to go!

    All reviews are 100% my own 

    *edit* winter styles are now in including beautiful oversized dresses! 

    As a brand enthusiast I can offer 10% off when you order through Instagram using code ‘Olivia10’

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