Bibetta Dribble Bib Review

I had the privilege of reviewing the award winning Bibetta Dribble Bib  (RRP £6.99) . I have to say I am extremely impressed and I can see why it received the awards.


There are numerous patterns to these bibs and  I had the pink chevron bib to trial. The designs are simple, yet fun and due to the wide range of patterns there is a bib available for any outfit. The bib is designed for up to 36 months and the designs will look beautiful on a baby as well as an older child, which is hard to do but Bibetta have accomplished this well.



BBG’s other dribble bibs have all just been normal cloth and within an hour or 2 are completely soaked through so have to be replaced with fresh ones. On certain days due to BBG’s condition she can drool a lot so we could be going through bibs faster then we can say ‘pass me another bib‘. I was half expecting this to be the same with the Bibetta however I was pleasantly surprised. The material is super soft and yet you can feel it is made with an absorbent material. BBG has had the bib on for nearly a full day and it doesn’t even feel like she has dribbled on it at all. This to me is a massive positive point, as is the fact that it can be machine washed at 30 degrees even with the special material it is made of.


I was a little dubious as the bib says that it goes from 0-36 months, plus it has velcro instead of poppers as a fastener. The bib looked huge compared to other bibs however once on, due to the cleverly designed pleats the bib doesn’t look oversized at all, and on a bigger child, I don’t think it would look small, it is such an ingenious design. I shouldn’t have worried about the velcro, BBG has had a good old tug and it is still secured just as when I first put it on her!


Overall I would highly recommend the Bibetta Bibs. They also do junior and adult bibs and this is something I will remember for when BBG gets bigger and may need. They are stylish and would not draw the attention to the fact she has a bib on, enabling her self esteem to not be negatively impacted as much as some of the other junior/adult bibs I have seen.


Go take a look at their website as this is on my list of things to have with a teething baby, or child with a condition that causes excessive dribble.



I was given a Bibetta Dribble Bib in exchange for my review. All views expressed in this post are 100% my own.



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