Doddl Cutlery Review

Do you ever struggle to get your child to eat using cutlery? Unfortunately MO really struggles, he does not see the point in cutlery so refuses to use it. I can’t remember a dinner time where we haven’t had to encourage and still fail, to get him to use his knife and folk. I had all but given up and then I came across the award winning Doddl.


Although it is mainly aimed at the younger children, it states on the box

Helping your child learn to eat independently.

The Doddle cutlery set is made by two sisters who struggled with dinner times like most families across the world, so they came up with the Doddl cutlery. At first glance you think that they look interesting and question yourself as to how these would work. Their handles are nothing like conventional cutlery and the knife looks like a mini saw to a degree.

I got them out of the box and decided to hold them so I could show MO how to use them properly. They were so comfy and my hand naturally gripped the handles like they were designed. I handed the cutlery to MO and before I could even explain how to hold them he had sorted it out and was at the table wanting to cut up his dinner. Unfortunately we were eating chicken wraps which don’t really warrant a knife and fork, so he decided to just cut up his peppers. I was shocked! Not only did he cut the peppers perfectly, and neatly,  he also volunteered to use the knife and fork!

Today we decided to really test him and the Doddl cutlery and we had roast lamb dinner. Not once did we have to help him, not once did we have to remind him to use the cutlery, and not one piece of food ended up on the floor! I was in utter shock!


The knife cuts perfectly through the food. I would think that the blades were sharp however this is not the case, I am guessing it is the shape of the blades that give the knife the ability to cut so easily, without the sharpness on the blade, however they get the knife to cut so smoothly and easily I am not going to complain!

The cutlery is completely dishwasher safe, however it advised to hand wash to avoid colouring fading. It is also completely BPA free.


The RRP is £16.95 a set, so do come in a little more expensive then other cutlery sets on the market. I am however going to buy a couple of sets; as it has made dinner time so easy and so, is worth every penny in my mind.


The simple fact  that MO is now using cutlery by his own choice is a miracle, and I am very glad I found Doddl!


I was given a Doddl Cutlery Set in exchange for this review. All views are 100% my own.

To get 10% visit the Doddl website and enter Best10 on checkout 


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