Recreating my childhood

I decided to recreate some of my favourite childhood days out this summer holidays, today was the first day of doing this.


When I was younger I remember being so excited when my mum would say we were going to the woods. Sometimes we would take our bikes, but usually we would just turn up and run and explore. We would go all over the place and feel like we were in a different world. We could run, climb and be as loud as we wanted and this is what I wanted to recreate for my kids. The fact the day is also free is always a massive positive point as well, you don’t have to spend money on kids to make them happy and this is something that in today’s society seems strange as everything costs.


We got to the woods and expected it to be absolutely jam packed as it was a beautiful Sunday morning, it was warm, it wasn’t raining, it was just perfect. There was hardly anyone there which was a shock but always good.


We got out and as soon as the kids enter the woods they were running, picking up sticks and playing games. They were going everywhere and anywhere they could. They were jumping off fallen trees, trying (and failing) to climb trees and made a den. I was able to keep up as I took the YippieYo so could go as off road as the children wanted. It is important for me to include BBG in as much as possible, so purposely took the trailer to be able to truely experience my childhood again. If I had brought my pushchair then there is no way I would have been able to help my kids build a den. So remember if you are recreating childhood bring the right equipment to completely let the day be stress free 🙂 


Around half way round, the children found a pre-made circle of trees that had been made previously, I assume by the local Scout group. Here we decided to have a little rest, get our water out and get the snack boxes open.  It really was a completely free day as even our snack was grown by Dad in his allotment! I did forget the picnic mat, so the kids sat on some tree stumps and I put the food on our Bundle Bean. I always think it isn’t a proper day out unless you forget something!


IMG_0577 (1)


The children wanted to explore a little so I advised as long as they could see me they could go deeper into the woods while I sat with BBG. While they were gone I got BBG out the trailer and let her touch and feel the ground; first with her feet and then with her hands. She loved exploring the textures of the wood floor. Her face was just full of concentration trying and failing to pick up the tiny sticks on the floor.


We then went on our way and I realised that the blackberries were ripe and ready to be picked. I showed the children and gave them each one. This again is one of my all time favourite things to do, to go to the wild blackberry bushes and pick the berries off. The joy as you bite into the fruit and the juice comes out and you either get a sharp or super sweet taste, it just takes me back to being 5 again. As we went round the woods every blackberry bush we would stop and pick a handful each to give us a little burst of energy. I am glad that I saw another family berry picking on their way round just like us, the kids covered in blackberry juice and eagerly wanting to get to the next blackberry bush like we were.


We saw so many horses so of course BG was happy as Larry, and the boys loved trying to catch the squirrels and seeing all the dog walkers.


The best bit of my day? When the kids didn’t want to leave! I would have stayed later but Dad was cooking the roast and didn’t want that burnt.


I truly believe kids should be kids, they should enjoy getting absolutely filthy, they should be able to play a game and use their imaginations. I feel that today’s age with technology and just the general mind set this mentality is starting to decrease. The fact that I got at least 4 comments going around saying how happy they were to see kids running and playing just shows how this is becoming rarer. I am not sure if it is the same around where you are, but I am finding it more and more when I go out to places.


The kids usually fight or get frustrated with each other but today in the woods they didn’t! Actually I lie, they did argue, they argued over their sticks and logs they had found around the woods. They argued over who was going to pull BBG along in her YippieYo. Overall however this is it and this is parenting, if they hadn’t argued at least once I would have been worried.

IMG_0590 (1)

I am not too sure what my next day of reminiscing will be, but I hope it will be just as fun as today.


What did you use to do when you were growing up that you would want to recreate with your children? Drop us a line and let me know 🙂


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