Being a mum you can still have some Glitz

If your anything like me, you love sparkly things. So when I was invited to the Glitzbox pop up shop and the Meet the Designers evening, I knew this would be my next post in my Looking After Mum Series. 



Before I was a Mum, I loved buying all sorts of things for me, I had a jewellery box full of sparkles. That I would team up with my different outfits.


Then I had children and buying jewellery became a thing of the past. The pieces I liked I couldn’t justify wearing a few times a year, while costing a weeks food shop. I still wanted to be glitzy I still loved shiny things, yet my kids needed things more important like clothes as they had growth spurts, day trips or even simple things like my food shop being more expensive. My jewellery box became less glitzy.


Then I heard of Glitzbox. They are a company that do jewellery rental on subscription. For a flat £39 per month, you get sent 3 pieces of jewellery. You can wear these pieces to your hearts content, but only for a month. If you decide it is too beautiful to give back then you can buy it off Glitz box and they will take the £39 off of the cost of the jewellery. I guess you could say it is a try before you buy service.

The collections have a little something for everyone, from the very simple pieces, to the bright and big statement art pieces.

My favourite collection was the V Jewellery collection, I just instantly connected to this collection. I guess they are very traditional pieces with the odd funky design in. They are generally all silver with clear stones in other than the odd bit of colour. I would buy the whole range if I could. My favourite piece was the Audrey ring, which is a very simplistic and elegant silver ring with baguette synthetic emerald and cubic zirconia in a gold setting.


I spoke to the designer, Seree Kang from Cielle London. Her designs are made as wearable artwork pieces. Sadly the rings for me would be too chunky when dealing with the kids and nappies, however she did have some beautiful pieces. Cielle London has been in business for around a year and all their pieces are made in South Korea, they crack the stones in a special way which makes them extra sparkly when being worn. Her pieces are done as artwork, so that you can be wearing a business dress and wear some of her beautiful earrings to show your personality. They are a statement pieces. rather than a simple silver or gold chain with a pendant. The designs are so unique and I was instantly drawn to this display.


Each designers collection was well made, some hand finished, some could have customisation on, others had special techniques to make the jewellery unique, but all were brilliant quality. Each designer brought something unique and different to the Glitzbox’s subscription box table. For this I applaud Glitzbox at making such a brilliant range of designers come on board with their subscription campaign.


If you get a chance to visit the pop up store, then I highly suggest going down. They are only at the Old Street Station, London until 13th August. Inside there are various competitions to enter (I won a Cohorted  box of goodies) and they also have special discounts for the pop up shop only. You can also get to vote #teamgold or #teamsilver, I am #teamsilver all the way.


Just remember that you do not have to stop being you after having children. If there is something you love before kids then generally that passion will still be there after. You do not have to turn into a shell of your former self. Children are extremely important, they must be fed and looked after, but so do you. Our mental health and identity is extremely important and although it’s lovely that one of my identities is being a Mum, I also want my identity to be me.


Why don’t you try and get some glitz back into your life?


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