More 2 Explore Adventure Belt

One of the main issues I find when travelling around with the children is the safety aspect. MO can be rather unpredictable and can suddenly dart into a road, so if I am pushing the pushchair, having to quickly grab him can be very dangerous for all involved. Also, with crowds or shopping if I have all the children by myself I can’t physically hold onto them all, meaning MO can suddenly dash and loose all sense of safety, or even as simple as going from the car park to an activity I can’t hold BBG and all the hands of the other children. We had tried reigns in the past and found this brilliant when they were younger, however now they are a bit older they need something that won’t be so noticeable. I also found with traditional reigns you still have to have a free hand to hold the handle.


I was extremely excited when I was asked if I would review More 2 Explore‘s Adventure Belt (RRP £15.99)


The belt is designed for 2-5 year old’s and comes in a choice of 4 designs.  The concept is similar to the reigns, however with the added bonus of being hands free in 3 easy steps:

  • Put child sized belt on child
  • Put adult sized belt on carer
  • Attach the 2 belts with the elasticated ‘lead’


Once you have finished, the adults belt and the attachment lead, fits perfectly inside the pouch that is attached to the child belt.


As soon as SB saw the Adventure Belt he instantly put it on and put his favourite things in the pouch. He couldn’t wait to go out and try out the belt. We thought a family trip to the seaside would be perfect.


What is really good with the Adventure Belt, is the fact that all clips that are anything to do with the child’s safety has an extra button to undo the clip. My children can undo clips really easily, however, this extra button has completely thrown them, it is still easy and quick to get on and off for an adult but a child can not escape easily which is fantastic.



At the beach, we got out of the car and we were by a busy road, so we connected our belts so that SB couldn’t run into the road. There was just enough length for him to walk a little way, away from me. It gave me the security of knowing he was safely attached to me and that he wasn’t going to run into the road.


When we got to the beach, SB wanted to run and play and jump in the sand. It was easy enough to unclip and within a couple of seconds he was off playing. He still had the belt on as did I and this was a really huge positive aspect for me. It is easy enough to unclip when it is safe and yet you aren’t left with a tangled set of reigns in your bag. When he came back a simple clip and off we went again.



On the way home MO was getting a bit overwhelmed with everything and so I put the belt onto him, it completely eased my mind, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to run off but also made MO feel safe. He could feel I was connected to him, while being independent.



I love how easy and secure the belt is to put on. There’s no untangling and figuring out which arm goes into which hole like conventional  reigns, just a simple click and your off. I am also loving the fact you truly are hands free meaning you can still do other things such as hold 2 children’s hands while crossing the road, or while at a supermarket, I can have 2 children in the trolley and one in the Adventure Belt and have 2 hands to be putting food in the trolley.


The belt easily adjusted and sizewise I would estimate that it would go up to an adult size 18 maybe 20 and MO and SB both easily fitted into the children’s belt, they aren’t the biggest of children but they still had plenty of room grow if needed.


The only negative I can see is maybe having the adult belt a less bright colour as I was walking around with a bright blue belt on while not being attached to my child, it made me feel slightly strange. At the same time it was nice and bright which meant that I could actually find my belt easily in my handbag, plus I could always put a coat or jumper on and no one would even know I was wearing it.


Overall, I would highly recommend the More 2 Explore Adventure Belt, it is compact, easy to use and the child still feels independent. They advertise and say that it is hands free safety and I completely agree with this.

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I was given an Adventure Belt in exchange for a review but all views are 100% my own

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