Sylvanian Families Ice Cream Shop

I was extremely excited to be sent through a Sylvanian Families Ice Cream Shop (RRP £29.99) to review recently. I grew up playing with Sylvanian Families at friends houses and it was always on my Christmas and Birthday lists growing up. In fact Sylvanian Families have been around since 1985 (so their 4 years older then me).


All the children were so excited to see that they had an Ice Cream Shop to play with. Ice cream is their favourite food and so to be able to play with it was just beyond amazing.


They have had a few hand me down Sylvanian houses and a tree house but where they were rather old sadly we had to say good bye to them recently so they were very excited to see a new set arrive.



From opening the box to the children playing, it took 10 minutes. I was amazed at how quickly and easily the set was to put together. It also came with all the accessories you would need for the shop and 1 figure.


I was amazed that my children, that can’t get  along for 10 minutes generally, played beautifully all afternoon with the Ice Cream Shop, in fact they only stopped because it was dinner and then bed time!


MO was hesitant at first, he doesn’t really do role playing games unless it involves him being a dinosaur but I was amazed when he climbed up the table and was carefully putting each ice cream flavour into the ice cream scoop. On the wall of the shop there is a menu and MO was systematically going through each of the menu options. I was extremely impressed that Sylvanian Families thought that the child would copy the menu options so made the options doable with the scoops available. I have had a few play sets (not Sylvanian Families) where this wasn’t possible and it was extremely frustrating and upsetting for MO.


The set does only come with one character. I was worried that the children would fight over this however they carefully took it in turns. I am going to sit and order a few animal sets knowing how well they play with them now. However, because of the free range imagination of the toys, the children got their other little figures to be customers and they were just as happy doing that, then if they had all the proper animal sets.


Although the set comes with a story book, the children do not have to play using this. They are 100% able to just act out their imagination to their hearts content. It means that SB and BBG can act out as much as they need to and MO can play in his logical way. It really is a set that can be played with both boys and girls alike.


This particular set you can really get involved with  learning through play. Our big thing at home at the moment is Food Sensory Play. With this in mind I was able to discuss which flavour each of the colour ice creams would be, I asked what texture the ice cream would be, would it be smooth, or would it have bits in and even the smell of the ice cream. I was also able to have them tell me which flavoured ice cream they would like to put together, was there any flavours they wish they could have. It was a game where you could really get them thinking and learning without even trying. They were already doing maths as they were saying how much each ice cream was, and how much change they were giving.


The design, the quality and the fact so many accessories come with this set, would make me recommend it, this is before the added benefits of having the free range imagination play and the educational playing side of the toys.


The Ice Cream Shop managed to get my children away from technology for a whole afternoon and got them playing beautifully together. What more could you ask for! I can see how Sylvanian Families have been around for so many years without the need to change their concept.

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I was kindly given the Sylvanian Families Ice Cream Shop in exchange for my review, however all views are 100% my own. 

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