50 things I would do differently in pregnancy

I have had 4 babies and each pregnancy and labour I have learn’t from the last but if I got pregnant again, what list would I make myself about what I have learnt from my past pregnancies.

Here is a list of things I would do differently.

  1. Relax more
  2. Take more bump pictures
  3. Less sharing on social media
  4. Not feel guilty at hating pregnancy
  5. Sit with loud music on and feel the baby kick to the beat
  6. Get a 3D scan at around 25 weeks as everything seems to slow down after 20 weeks (we did have one for SB and I wish I did have it for all of the kids)
  7. Make a lot of birthing plans knowing the likely hood of any of them being used was 0.000001%
  8. Take maternity leave later so I could spend longer with them afterwards
  9. Go to all the baby shows I could to get the best possible deals
  10. Go out with friends and talk about anything but pregnancy
  11. Be more affectionate to my husband
  12. Not demand items from my husband, but ask nicely
  13. Not let the pain get the better of me
  14. Stand up for myself and make sure my voice of concerns do not fall on deaf ears
  15. Keep up the beauty maintenance, I looked like a whale, I felt like a whale, I could have made an effort to help my self esteem
  16. Take a bump cast
  17. Wear maternity clothes from the start instead of just buying bigger clothes
  18. Get comfy shoes
  19. Get a paddling pool if its a summer baby
  20. Pregnancy classes
  21. Making other pregnant friends
  22. Researching the big items and getting the one that fits the family the best, not just the prettiest pram
  23. Stock up on nappies (babies poop a lot and the first few weeks I wasn’t up to anything let alone shopping)
  24. Pace myself
  25. Put my foot down and stay in hospital for at least a night and not leave 4 hours after giving birth
  26. Keeping the first few weeks just me, Dad and our beans
  27. Being braver and telling the visitors to go as I was exhausted
  28. Tell the midwife and health visitors my emotional state properly not the rose tinted version, the sooner your honest with your struggles the faster they can help
  29. Rub stretch mark cream into my bump
  30. Take weekly bump pictures
  31. Pregnancy yoga
  32. Shop for me sometimes not just the babies
  33. Remembering Dad has just had his life turned upside down just as much as me, realising Fathers can get post natal depression as well
  34. Making use of maternity leave better – before babies born, do a course or something
  35. Not go back to work too early
  36. Read a couple of baby books but remembering to laugh as half of them won’t apply as no baby is the same
  37. When commuting, finding my voice to get people out of the pregnancy seats!
  38. Learning to not feel guilty every time I was negative about pregnancy
  39. Stock pile Witch Hazel ready for pregnancy piles
  40. Don’t touch Google, call your midwife
  41. Take baths, babies love to move in baths
  42. Remember to get Dad to feel baby move even if it means laying there for an hour
  43. Remember I can’t do everything I used to from before I was pregnant
  44. Pack a baby hospital bag as well as you a hospital bag
  45. Don’t think you can get back into jeans as soon as you leave hospital (I was able to with BG but with the others it took months, in fact BBG I still am 2 sizes bigger than before being pregnant)
  46. Remember magazines at appointments, they rarely run on time
  47. Read the leaflets midwives give you, as hospital procedures change, just because you did stuff this way with one pregnancy doesn’t mean that is how it is still done.
  48. The professionals although you may not agree with them as your tired and exhausted of being pregnant, really do have you and babies best interests at heart
  49. When visitors come round if you want to cuddle your new born, then cuddle them,  you don’t have to give your visitors a cuddle of the baby. Also, if you feel like thrusting the baby straight into their arms as they have had you up all night and you need that ten minutes break then do it 🙂
  50. Again relax some more

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