Disabled bays are for the disabled

I went to my local supermarket last night to quickly pop in and buy a couple of bits. I had BG with me who is starting to be a little disability advocate and will happily tell people about disability etc.

As we were walking past the disabled bays she asked about them and why they were there. I was explaining how people with disabilities sometimes need a lot of room to get out their cars whether that’s because they have wheel chairs or even a crutch that means they need their doors wide open. I explained how some people have internal conditions that means they look ok but at any moment they could get seriously ill like a heart condition etc. I explained how in our town to get a blue badge means an assessment and drs reports telling the council how you qualify for a blue badge and why you need one. 

BG now understands if someone jumps out a car and walks into the supermarket not to get cross but to search for a blue badge as we don’t know their disability. 

As we continued on our walk she was pointing out the blue badges. Until we got to a Bentley. It didn’t have a badge and BG asked why. Now these next points could be for any car parked in a disability bay not just a Bentley 

  1. They couldn’t see they had parked in a disabled bay. That they didn’t see the bright blue bays and the signs every other bay. However, if this was the case they would be blind and wouldn’t be allowed to drive… so that’s not a valid reason
  2. They didn’t want to scratch their car, so they saw a nice wide bay and decided to use it. Again not a valid excuse, go and park in the normal bays and be a jerk that takes up 2 bays! At least you wouldn’t be an illegal jerk! 
  3. Their plain lazy! Laziness to some is a disability however it isn’t one. Go park in the normal parking spaces and walk that 100metres! Your legs can walk that 100metres people who need to use the disabled bays can’t or potentially can’t, depending on their condition. 
  4. Their only ‘popping’ in… nope not a valid excuse! Pop your car in a normal parking space and pop in. You don’t need to park the closest possible space to the supermarket, you can walk or jog into the store, the person who needs that space can’t! 

After explaining this to BG she just shook her head in disperation. She can’t understand why anyone would park in a bay that is meant for people who can’t do something just for their plain laziness. 

Next time you think of parking in a disability bay, just think you are taking away a space for a disabled person who needs it. We fight for everything, they don’t just give out blue badges we have to apply and reapply. Just remember that next time you go to park there even if for a minute. 

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