Hello school 

The holidays are over, which means 1 thing…. 

My 4 year old little premmie is big enough for school! 

I look at him and think he is so not ready for school, and then I really look and think 

is it SB who isn’t ready for school or is it actually me?

SB was born 8 weeks early, so he is technically a later prem but still prem.
My head went all over the place when SB was born. His heart valve hadn’t quite fully formed when he was first born so had to be careful about him getting ill. Everything is fine now but that first few weeks were just not what they were meant to be like.
Fast forward 4 years and I guess my mind is still thinking of this delicate baby. This tiny helpless baby that spent his first time on this planet in an incubator.
 How can he be old enough for school! He can’t write his name, he still loves watching toddler tv, he still talks very young for his age. He is still absolutely tiny and still wears size 3 clothes, infact he only grew out of 18month clothes at Christmas. How can he be school age!

We let him try on his uniform last week and he just looked so small! However, he completely loved his uniform and he wore it the whole day until he went to sleep. He has wanted to wear them everyday since trying them on! 

I watch him ‘reading’, I watch him trying to write. I watch him play with his older siblings, and the other children in the playground and realise he isn’t this small defenceless baby anymore, he is 4 and ready for school. 

As I watch him walk through those school gates I will probably cry, as I pick him up and see him at the school gate I will be crying, seeing him lining up with the rest of the class. 

I’m about to pass my boy onto his teacher and the Learning Support Assistant. They are going to physically see him awake more than I will and so they are going to influence him so much. They are going to grow his brain, help build his friendships, being a person who will pick him up when he falls down.
 I am excited to see how SB molds with these new role models that enter his life. 

I’m going to miss SB but I completely know he will be fine and he will make a tonne of new friends. 

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