5 things I won’t skimp on with my baby

As most of you know I have 4 kiddies! My youngest being 13 months this week!  As she has global development delay she is more at the 6 month mark which means I have really got to use all my baby equipment for a while and get my money out of them. 

Being a blogger and reviewing items, has also shown me some amazing products I’d never have thought of buying. 

I decided to compile a list of things, if I had a 5th baby I’d buy most things economy but these items I’d happily spend that little bit more on. 

Dribble Bibs

I’ve had dribble Bibs with my older kids but always found they still soaked through onto the clothes unless you really changed them a lot. So when around the house it was fine but having lots of dribble Bibs on a day out, was just added bulk along with the extra washing. 

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Bibetta dribble bib a couple of months ago and I wish I found them earlier. They aren’t the cheapest but I’d pay more money just by the fact they actually work! I thought dribble Bibs were all the same, just different patterns but I was very much mistaken! 

I’m actually annoyed I found them on my 4th baby! 

A good quality pushchair 

I have had near on 30 pushchairs. 85% have been brand new. Every time I brought one within a couple of months I’d found something I didn’t like and move onto to my next pushchair. 

When I got pregnant with our 4th Dad said we could buy 1 more pushchair, but I had to research and really look at all the options as once brought we weren’t buying another (not even a second hand one!). 

We researched and although I loved my previous Bugaboo and Icandy, I had still found I wanted to trade them in. I ventured to my local baby shop and there it was. The Uppababy Vista! It had a HUGE basket, built in sun shade, solid wheels and the seat was long (we are a tall family) and the brake was easy to use. It also had a huge amount of other benefits and over a year later I still love it! 

I am not saying it is your dream pushchair but I am saying don’t go only based on style and what everyone else has. 

Ease of dismantlement, ease of even putting the rain cover on are things that need to be suitable for you. Just research and make your own mind up 🙂

We had the privilege of reviewing the Yipiee Yo and become part of their family group and if you like the outdoors; woods, beach or countryside, I would highly recommend buying one. However, this is a purchase of when your little one is able to sit up. 

Teething Necklaces

This one again isn’t until they are slightly older. 

They weren’t around for my eldest children, if they were I wasn’t aware of them. 

You can get teething necklaces or bracelets. I got a necklace and I absolutely love it! When I was feeding BBG she would always fiddle with my necklace, if I held her she would always chew my necklaces and I was always so worried they would break. 

I love the fact these are now around, they are safe for babies and they don’t even look like your wearing something purposely designed for your babies to chew on which is amazing. 

Bundle Bean 

I have had various cosy toes and have had the joy of the constant rearranging the cosy toes and having to buy bigger ones as the babies get bigger. I then have had cosy toes for car seats and then having thick snow suits for the carriers. 

When I was pregnant with BBG, we went to The Baby Show and I am so glad we did. There we found out about Bundle Bean and decided to try them out and so glad we did. 
It easily converts from pushchairs, carriers and car seats, infact it’s so versatile it can also go on our Yippie Yo! 

We also don’t need to keep readjusting the Bundle Bean and it is so quick to get on and off! 

I was so excited to be chosen to be a Bundle Bean Ambassador 

Water Wipes

We still use Water Wipes, but a lot of people only use it for those first few weeks. Either way I would highly recommend to get a couple of packs of Wet Wipes. They are more expensive then normal Wipes, however they have no harmful chemicals for your delicate babies skin. 

The health professionals suggest cotton wool and water for the first few days after birth and this I won’t go against as I’m no expert.However when out and about a packet of water Wipes will make the whole process easier. 

Our girl hasn’t had any nappy rash and I truely believe it’s to do with using water Wipes, and for this I truely believe Water Wipes were the key to this. 

There are plenty of other things I’d recommend as the babies get older and get to the toddling age and older, however my baby hasn’t got to this stage as of yet. 

Generally I find most things can range from cheap to expensive. We all want to give our babies the best start in life and in all honesty if money is tight and you can afford to save these are the items I personally would save up for. We have a Stokke high chair and this has been amazing however our old £30 high chair did the same job at 10% of the price which is why this is not on the list. 

Have fun buying your baby things and have fun shopping around. If you find any new products or would add anything onto my list, give me a little message as I’m always open to new ideas 🙂

Take a look at my review section as all the products I’ve reviewed, I would highly recommend. Also several have special discount codes just for my readers. 
I am now a Show Ambassador for The Baby & Toddler Show at Sandown Park! The show is sponsored by Emma’s Diary and is happening 6-8th October! I’m looking forward to seeing and buying some new brands and equipment for BBG 🙂 As a Show Ambassador I have a special discount code AM25 which will get you 1/3 off your tickets just visit http://www.babyandtoddlershow.co.uk

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