As soon as I became pregnant with BBG I would fight for her, I would defend her I would protect her. Her life was going to be as easy as a I could make it. I thought that there wasn’t any more fight I could give my children then I already gave. I was the Queen Mama Bear when it came to fighting for my children.


Then BG was born. I found this whole new fighting energy. I always heard that people with disability have to fight for their rights, fight to be seen or heard but I never really understood, I mean you go to the toilets and there are disabled toilets, you go to a car park and there are disabled parking bays.


Now I understand. Now I see why you need to fight.


I have been going on various day trips with the other kids and have been looking around and realised that although the pushchair is ok in most of the areas, if my daughter is to have a wheelchair (which is likely) I would have to rethink some of the places we visit. There are disabled toilets but what about changing places for the disabled? I have only noted 2 in all our day trips! 2 places where there is a hygienic, safe place to change a person with a disability. I have noticed bark is a pushchair’s worst enemy so must be a wheelchairs nemesis too and this is in most children’s places of interest. The size of corridors, lack of low windows to see into exhibits all these things that make it hard for wheelchair users.


I have had to fight for Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Some charities and support do not get funding to help you unless you have at least middle rate DLA. When we were rejected for DLA I fought, BBG is seen by countless consultants and therapists, we need the access to help, but we needed the government to say she was disabled as the medical expert’s reports weren’t enough.


I seem to have to explain or fight for certain things for BBG and she is now 13 months. I dread to think what those fights will be as she gets bigger and the wider world opens up to her.


I am tired of fighting for every day equal opportunities. I am tired of fighting and educating people on the fact not all disabilities are visible.  I am tired that disabled children and adults still get discriminated against. I am tired of fighting for the help we need and the support we are entitled to.


I will however, carry on fighting. I will push and fight until I have exhausted all avenues, so that the world is disability friendly. So that people will see the person not the disability.


As parent’s we will do anything possible to make our world a better, safer world for our children and being a parent to a disabled child has made me realise how much of a fighter I am.




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