A day out with our Autism Family 

Today we had the pleasure of doing a 3km sponsored walk for The National Autistic Society
To most 3km sounds like nothing but to us it potentially could have been a nightmare! MO doesn’t do new places well, MO also can walk and does walk however sometimes he flatly refuses, we also had to contend with a crowd… 

We got to Drayton Manor at 9.30 in time for registration and to make sure we were well and truly settled before the walk. 
There was a wonderful portable sensory room which I went in with the 3 biggest kiddies. MO was in awe of the sensory equipment. He quickly spotted some number ‘8’s (his favourite number) and although there was only 2 it made his day, he then turned round and was amazed that they had fibre optics like we do at home, however theirs were apparently better as it had a bean bag! It was a brilliant place to go, perfect to calm MO completely down.

There were various activities and stalls suitable and catered for the needs of autistic children. The 3km actually went without a hitch, not one meltdown and no stimming the whole way round! One very proud Mum! 

It was such a wonderful morning, seeing that autism really is a spectrum! That every child is different, that every parent faces their own challenges. While at the same time seeing the love each parent had for their child, seeing the strength each group had, the tag teaming, the encouragement, just the acts of pure love & strength! 
It was lovely to not feel alone, to be surrounded by 500 people that had Autism somehow in their life. Grandparents, parents, siblings and friends. We weren’t the ‘odd ones’ we were all the same, all united!

After the walk we got tickets for Drayton Manor and it was so amazing, to spot the bright Autism Tshirts around. Parents proudly saying ‘we support this charity’, giving our children a voice and standing up for them in bright pink and purple tshirts! 

MO did find the whole day really hard and around an hour into the theme park was really struggling but with our love, support and his Adventure Belt we managed to all have a wonderful day

Sometimes living with Autism is so hard, it is completely overwhelming.  Sometimes I feel so alone at being a parent looking after this wonderfully unique boy. 
Then days like this make me remember I’m not alone, I’m not the only one finding it hard. While also remembering if I’m finding it tough, my son is drowning in overwhelmant. That for every hard moment or day, I will keep fighting and being my sons voice when he can’t vocalise what he wants, because I’m full of love for MO even when his having a meltdown, it is love that gives me the strength to deal with it. 

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  1. Sean Pengelly says:

    We was there to with our eldest of six who is autistic and our four other children, all together we have 3 with special needs of some sort and I wouldn’t change any of them we love them all the same and do as much as we can with them . The walk was a great day out we enjoyed it to and shall do it next year , your never alone there’s always people with the same problems but your little boy mo will love you and remember that special day you had with him . Good to hear another family that enjoyed it as much as we did .


    1. O wow! We want to go next year too 🙂 yes I would never change any of mine either it makes them, them! Yes I think sometimes I just feel so alone in the big wide world and then an event li,e this just makes me realise how wrong I am 🙂


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