Move day is approaching

We are moving house!

So as MO has autism you can understand why I’ve been slightly quiet on here for a while. 
We hired a skip and have been clearing away a lot of things. I can’t believe how much stuff a house can hold without even realising! However this has really had an impact on our MO! 

The thing that is getting me through is knowing this move is going to be perfect for our family. That I know that in BBGs room there is space for her sensory and physical therapy equipment. That the big kids have bright, big bedrooms. That the house has a downstairs bathroom. That upstairs there is a big space that is just for MO and his sensory equipment, meaning it’s not in his bedroom or in the front room getting him distracted, it’s in its own area. 

We just have 4 weeks of tension, 4 weeks of our kids not having their rooms as they want, 4 weeks of excitement of the move.

Such a big change in any family is major but especially in a family that have 2 children with extra needs.

We need to make sure BBGs room is right and everything is set up for her by the night time, that her monitor is working at night so we can monitor if she has a bad attack at night and we aren’t there. 

We need to make sure the boys room is perfect and that every blanket is in the right place and smelling right for MO. 
We have to make sure that the front room and kitchen is set up for morning routine. 
Our house pretty much has to be unpacked and perfectly set up by the time they get home from school… that in itself is stressful. 

Such a big change in any family is major but especially in a family that have 2 children with extra needs.

We will do it and this next 4 weeks will be a challenge but we are strong and we have the ultimate aim. Knowing why we are doing this is just the motivation we need! 
Have you ever moved with children with special needs? Let me know if you have any ideas on how to make this a smooth transition! 


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  1. Emma Musto says:

    Hi there. I have just discovered your blog. I read the Christmas blog and can identify with that due to my 5 yo autistic son. I then read your “moving house” blog which is relevant to us too this year as it has come to the point where our children’s needs are FORCING us to move out of our little 2 bed house. We want to get this sorted but have so little spare time and energy to get the house ready to sell as the weekends require both of us being hands-on with both the kids (the other one is 2 yo) , with only my elderly parents on hand for support. Do you have advice for moving house with a young autistic boy? Also do you have any respite care for him that you could use for all those times you were busy with the move? We feel we could really do with this but havent looked into it yet!


    1. Hi, o I am glad that you can relate (however wish we could relate for a different reason obviously).

      It is a tough situation when you move and we found that it was extremely hard decision as we were worried about the time and how it would affect our son.

      We didn’t get any respite unfortunately so I personally wouldn’t be able to recommend a charity etc (although I’ve found the National Autistic Society helpful for this sort of thing).

      As for preparing my son, we got him to pack his toys up, we got pictures of the new house and showed them everyday, driving past the new house regularly on the school run so he knew the way. We also did story boards explaining exactly what was happening, We even incorporated this on our calendar.

      Our best moves though were to put him in morning clubs for the weeks leading up to the move, that meant on the day of the move he went to that early and we could get on with the move as quickly as possible. My husband was directing the removal men to where to go and I was unpacking my sons room as fast as possible so that it was perfect for when he got home. I also managed to get the bathroom and living room looking normal so when he got home he was surrounded by familiarity even though in a new place.

      I really hope the move goes smoothly, although it’s so stressful it is so rewarding once you have moved and it’s all settled.

      Good luck 💜


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