SK:N Clinic Cambridge Opening

After a week of being Mum to 3 sick bug children and a hospital admittance for BBG due to her condition, I looked on my calendar and saw that I was invited to the SK:N Clinic Cambridge open night and I smiled as this is just what I needed, an evening out to see and try some skin treatments.



My mum was my plus one and off we trundled to Cambridge.



SK:N now has 48 clinics all over the country and the Cambridge branch is the latest clinic to open. It also has backing from the following organisations;


We arrived to a red carpet and friendly staff.
After eating some Mac ‘n’ Cheese balls that had been provided by Chosen Bun Cambridge we saw a cabinet of trial pots of SK:N’s very own range of skin creams. I suffer with blemish’s and so I went straight for the blemish products, while my Mum went and tried some of the anti ageing products. My mum has extremely sensitive skin and generally new products make her itch and go red however all the SK:N ranges that my Mum tried just left her skin soft to the touch.
All their products can be brought online as well as in any clinic. The product I loved was the  SK:N Blemish Control Lotion, this is £26.75 for 30 ml. I may have to get a tube and let you know whether it works and is worth the money! At 28 still having breakouts isn’t exactly brilliant, and I have tried every product under the sun so if this product works it is worth the price tag for my own self esteem.
We were shown upstairs to a bright and spacious treatment room. Here we had a skin analysis done on our face. My analysis came back that I had no sun damage but due to my blemish’s to try some vitamin A products. My Mum also had rather good skin and was advised on some different products to use to maybe help her dry skin.
In this room we also got to sample a HydraFacial treatment, this treatment usually is around an hour however we got a quick 10 minute demonstration.
I took a picture after my treatment and I was amazed at how un-red my face was. It was also so soft to touch. The picture above is me without makeup which is a rarity and I felt quite comfortable walking around like this. So I can only imagine what a full HydraFacial results must look like.
I also got to venture downstairs, and into yet another treatment room where I had a Laser Hair Removal patch test done. Before this was done we had a very informative consultation, then off I went onto the bed. I was expecting pain as let’s face it there isn’t the phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ for any  old reason. First they blew cold air onto my armpits, and then once it was cold enough did 4 zaps of the laser. No pain or discomfort! I was extremely shocked. Even after and this morning there are no marks that I had a laser burn some of my hairs. I am contemplating whether to go for the full course of treatments but I would have to save up first.
I was given a free 200ml bottle of the SK:N Cleanse & Exfoliate Cleanser to try out and I am looking forward to seeing the results.
Overall, the experience was amazing and the fact they are specialists in dermatology procedures was very appealing. 
They have extremely high standards and the staff are knowledgeable, kind and put you at ease. However, as with all procedures the pricing isn’t the same as just a day spa, however the facial I trialled isn’t the relaxing ‘go to sleep’ procedure a day sap would provide.
There are trained medical professionals at every clinic and so if you have a skin complaint I would highly recommend booking a consultation to see if they are able to help you. As a Mum to children with disabilities (and I am sure other Mum’s can relate), if we aren’t dying, we just put up with any complaints we have. We feel guilty at going to a clinic for an hour every few months to help with our skin complaints, as these skin complaints aren’t life threatening… acne isn’t going to kill us, nor is a little dry skin, however what about our emotional well being and self esteem.
It maybe completely out of your price range or out of your comfort zone but after going and talking to experts about my skin just for that night, I can safely say I have reconsidered my view on some procedures. I won’t  be doing a chemical peel anytime soon but I may dabble in laser hair removal or the odd facial at the clinic.

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