The Amazing Craft Company Review

What do you do on a typical rainy British day, when your kids don’t want to splash in the puddles anymore and you just want to stay in the warm?
That is the question I come up against a lot of the time, especially during the school holidays. So when The Amazing Craft Company approached me about being included in a Christmas list I thought, this could be the answer to a lot of my questions.
Each box is £12, which is just right for a quick gift for a niece or nephew, or even as holiday activity to have in your cupboard ready for a rainy day.



Each box contains;

  • 5 craft makes
  • Step – by – step for each craft
  • Fun jokes and facts (my oldest children LOVED reading these out while they making their craft)
  • Activity sheets
  • Templates
  • Fun background to use
  • Colouring sheet
  • Felt tip pens
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter (my house is now covered in glitter, but it was worth it for those wonderful hours of making memories and the smiles on their faces)

I could have easily brought just the one box and still had a good afternoon of activity. The Halloween box alone made so many different crafts each child could have made 2 each as although there are only 5 crafts, some of these crafts you can make 2 of. For example; there are enough materials to make 2 fish in the Under the Sea box, but this is counted as 1 craft.

So how does it work?

You choose your pack that you would like to make, so for example the pumpkin plate craft.

You find the corresponding sticker on the pack and instruction leaflet. Everything you need is in the box except scissors.

You empty the packet out and everything is there you just need to put it together, the only thing you need to do is the odd stencil cut out and use your imagination.

It really is that simple!

My 4 year old needed guidance and help with the cutting, my 5 year old needed very minimal help and my 8 year old carried on doing craft without help for 2 hours after we had all packed up.

You can tell these boxes were designed by Mums for Mums.


It really is that simple!

There isn’t anything I can fault, the boxes kept all of us entertained for a good few hours, and to do that for all 3 children is a miracle!

I would highly recommend you order a box for your house! I can not wait for the Festive Fun (Christmas) box to come out and shall be ordering it as our December craft and rainy day activity. A full list of launching soon boxes are below.


Launching soon

  • Festive Fun (Christmas)
  • Shine Like a Unicorn
  • Be a Super Hero
  • Fuzzy Monsters Rock
  • Bugs and Insects
  • Lets Clown Around
  • Down in the Jungle
  • Around the World




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All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. We were provided the Halloween box for this review. 



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