Can we really have it all?

I’ve been thinking about whether we can really have it all.


Can we really;

  • be a parent
  • have a career
  • have a good relationship with the partner
  • have a social life
  • have hobbies



Are there enough hours in the day/week/month/year?


Do we have enough energy to at the end of the day to have everything?


I only go to work part time (I used to commute and work full time before BBG) and yet I feel guilty! I try and fit so many things in and I just feel like I am failing a bit at everything.


  • I go to work 15 hours per week
  • We have appointments for both MO and BBG, some weeks we only have 1 appointment for both children and some weeks we have 2/3 appointments per day!
  • Just general parenting of 4 children and making sure they are safe
  • Being a good wife
  • Seeing my friends
  • Blogging


That’s just some of the balls I am juggling. My husband juggles just as many balls, just slightly different ones!


I feel like when I am at work I should be at home with the kids. That when I am with the kids I think about the full time career I have put on hold to raise my children. I think of my marriage and realise that it is unsteady, that we are both stressed, at our wits end and tired. That sometimes it all gets too much and we stress at each other. Thankfully we love eachother so we may struggle but we are together through thick and thin! I  think of all the family and friends occasions I miss, as I am either working or looking after the kids, we do try to make it to as many as possible but it is far less then we wish we could go to.


I guess I am just struggling.


I feel that when I am doing one of my balls I am putting 100% into it, however this is causing me to become exhausted and burnt out. I then think maybe I can not put so much effort into every ball and then I just struggle as everything starts to go wrong. 

Maybe I should take out one of my balls, but which one? Each one is so apart of me I would feel lost with out it.


I guess I am just lost  at the moment. Lost in a world of juggling everything.


Do you feel like you are juggling too much sometimes?


What do you do to cope when there are so many balls up in the air? 


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