Worry Plaque Review

MO gets extremely anxious because of his autism. If things aren’t exactly right or if our routine changes at all, MO can’t handle it. His stims are on overdrive, he can’t calm down and he is just generally can’t control his anxiety.


So when I was offered the Irish Fairy Door Company’s Worry Plaque (RRP £19.95) I jumped at the chance.


We have been trialling it for around 2 weeks and I can not believe how brilliant it works. Everyday MO walks into the house, he places his hand onto the handprint and it turns red. He then closes his eyes and opens them and waits for the light to go green. He gets so excited at the fact the fairies have taken his worry away.


The red light turns on when the plaque senses a hand on it, and to be honest I don’t know how it does this as there are no visible sensors. MO gets so excited as sometimes his hand must touch the sensors quicker and so the light turns on quickly. He beams at me and says;


The fairies knew I had a worry they were already there listening to me


I was extremely hesitant about how MO would receive the ideas of fairies as in the past this sort of thing would not have captivated him at all, however I read the blurb to him and he was transported into this world of fairies and worries and he loves it.


The plaque also comes with a link to positives videos. You go onto their website and select the kind of worry your child has and watch a video of Fairy Clodagh reassuring your child that the fairies have heard the worry.


In the last 10 days, as previously mentioned, our plaque has been used daily. While this has happened MO’s stims have noticeably less. He has been a lot calmer in general and although he still has times where everything gets too much for him, the help this plaque has given us is amazing. I wish I had one earlier.


With the move and new house MO should be all over the place and yet the fairies have his worries. For this I can not say thank you to the Irish Fairy Door Company enough.


I was given the Worry Plaque for review, however all views are 100% my own. 

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