Diary Zapp Review

I used to love scrap booking when I was younger and it brings back so many happy memories.

I tried to get the children involved however although tickets and maps are usually accessible, we are unfortunately living in the modern digital age, where all my photos are on the cloud and I rarely print any pictures out.

I then got approached by Diary Zapp to try out their app (available on Google Playstore, Apple and Amazon for £3.99) and I didn’t hesitate at all and knew that this may have been just the thing to get the children into scrap booking but 21st century style!

Once downloaded you add a Zapper, they ask for your name and a few details and then your off creating your very own Zappicon to begin your adventure.

Your Zappicon is then there every step of the way.

You can add pictures, draw or write about your day on each diary page. Your Zappicon is there to help with what each tool does and can even give suggestions about what to put.

My eldest kids loved choosing pictures to go on to their diary. BG also decided to sometimes use the pen function to write about her day.

SB loves drawing pictures and using the camera function on the app to take some random but important to him, photos.

After completing the page you can send it to friends or family, however this part needs to have an adult put buddies into the system and these are the only people who your child can send pictures too.

Each time the kids completed another page of the diary or edited their Zappicon’s appearance, they completed a task, which they loved and felt like they had achieved things through this. Each task completed meant another sticker was unlocked to put on their diaries, which encouraged the children a lot.

This modern take on the scrap book really got my kids attention up. The best part for me is that DiaryZapp is connected to Photobox.

Log into the adults account and press the Photobox tab

Once inside, select the dates and pages you want to print out.

Then get directed straight through to Photobox to have the day printed out forever; photo, fridge magnet, mug. The list is really endless.

The app is exceptionally easy to use and has really encouraged my children to talk about their day, I now don’t get the shrug when I ask what they’ve been up to but rather they want to get home to put it into their DiaryZapp.

This Festive season why not give your relatives or loved ones a unique gift featuring a day in the life of your child.

I was given the app to download for free in exchange for an honest review. All views and comments are 100% my own.

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