My answer to a vile person

I get quite a few messages to say all sorts of encouragement and people sharing their stories. All are just comments that let you know there are still decent human beings in the world.

This week my email pinged and I had another message come through, yet this one showed me how negative some people can be. How some people really do hide behind their keyboard. I read the email and instead of getting cross it made me remember why I went into blogging. All I want is to either show people their not alone, or to educate people in the life of having an autistic child or undiagnosed child.

So to the anonymous emailer,

  • No I don’t do drugs and never have. My daughter had an undiagnosed condition, it is probably genetic. Nothing I did caused this condition and even though I know that, I still beat myself up and blame myself for my daughters disabilities. Trust me I wish I had a scandalous life but I live a very quiet, some would say boring, life. No drugs here.
  • You should have taken the pill and ended the pregnancies

Mmmm all I have to say to this is – You can’t detect autism through a prenatal screening test. As for BBG, mothers instinct was saying something wrong, hospital was saying everything was fine. We didn’t know anything was officially wrong until her 6 week check. Even if we did know it is not your choice to tell me to terminate, my life does not impact yours and so your opinion is nil and void in my eyes.

  • My son isn’t just plain naughty and no I don’t just want him labelled so people pity me. My son has autism. It isn’t bad behaviour and it is heart breaking to watch and heart breaking to parent. I cry that he can’t handle certain things I take for granted, I cry as he struggles to even have happy birthday sung to him. He is beautiful inside and out and yes he can be naughty he is a child, but he is autistic. Please read the rest of my blog to educate yourself on some of his difficulties.
  • No I don’t want to glorify disability. Disabilities are unique, however disabilities are just that disabilities. My daughter will never be physically the same as her peers. There will be things she wants to do but can’t. My son doesn’t look autistic but he can never do some normal things like other kids as he can’t cope. I never thought I’d have children who need help, I would swap with them in a heart beat.
  • Yup I’m fat! So what? My kids eat healthy and I probably eat myself happy.. I used to be a tiny size 2 maybe 4 and that was after kids and trust me I prefer being fat. But thank you for pointing it out 🙂

Life with disabilities is emotionally and physically draining. The constant thought that my daughter is 99% likely going to die before me sucks! I write to let other parents going through similar situations know that they are not alone, I write to educate, I write to take some of my anxiety off my chest. I do not write to get subjected to such nasty comments.

If you don’t like my blog or what I write then please look to the top right of your computer screen, you will see a little tiny cross. Press that and just never visit the site again. There is no need for you to use my contact page to send such vile words to a Mum Doing Her Best to live with a situation she never thought she would be in!


A Mum Doing Her Best


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