Full Time Carer Job Description

Full Time Parent Carer Job Description

Wage – £62.70 p/w dependant on several factors that you have to have ticked off or you work for free (annual pay rise depending on government budgets)

Daily needs can change at any given moment and this is not a full comprehensive list of requirements as every client is different.

  • Organisation as our client has various appointments at numerous clinics weekly. No appointment must be missed or forgotten unless in extreme circumstances. The ideal candidate must also be able to remember different medicines and therapies to do through out the day on top of other daily duties and therefore organisation is a must.
  • Memory must be as good as an elephants you will be expected to remember a lot of things, from new physical therapy exercises to which medicines to take when and with food or without. You must also have a good memory as things will be said at appointments that you will need to remember to pass onto other consultants and organisations as reports can take a long time to come out
  • Calmness Due to different health emergencies, ranging from mild health care needs, to emergency hospital trips, calmness is a must. The ideal candidate needs to be able to think on their feet and quickly adapt to the situations surrounding them
  • Hard Skin due to the nature of strangers, a hard skin is a must so that comments can bounce off of it. Strangers can be trying to help in their comments or can be down right rude
  • Back Bone Candidates must have back bone and be ready to stand up for the rights of the clients and disabilities in general. They must revise and learn different laws as people do not know them and will try and discriminate


Essential things the candidate must have

  • Degree in medicine and speciality in paediatrics desired. This is to un-jamble the medical words and appointments so you can understand what is happening without consulting Dr Google
  • Degree in physiotherapy as you will be required to do daily physiotherapy to the client and this must be done correctly or it can cause more harm than good
  • Degree in counselling as although you are the main carer people will come to you needing counselling and reassurance as it is ‘not fair’ your client is disabled
  • Office experience and speciality in HMRC rules desired. You will be filling out numerous forms for numerous different funding areas. You will need to be prepared to appeal and go to tribunal to get the help your client needs if your first form is declined
  • Dietitian degree due to the complex need of eating, this could be due to tube feeding or due to certain nutrient needs.
  • Cleaning experience, this is essential as the house needs to be kept clean and tidy to minimise illness and health and safety hazards due to mobility issues


Qualities Desired

  • A joy in spreading the word about disability awareness
  • Confidently be able to navigate the London underground or be able to drive in London so that you can get to appointments in speciality hospitals.
  • Patience – a lot of your time will be in waiting rooms or being kept on hold in phone calls.


Please note that the hours that you will be working are 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No double pay for bank holidays and Sunday. No holiday allowance will be given.


This is what I do on a daily basis, this is why I gave up my career, if you ever want to belittle me or any other carers please remember this. We are not ‘scrounging off the state’ we are doing an extremely hard job.

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