Please don’t forget about me

As we found out we were pregnant and we all ooo’d and aww’d

We spoke about what was to come; the good and the lame

The kicking of our babies, the bumps that grew and grew

The morning sickness, the blood tests, the growing bump pain


We all gathered for coffee smiling and rubbing our tums

But as your bump grew and moved, mine just stayed still

After the hospital said not to worry we all breathed a sigh of relief

We all forgot these incidents as if they didn’t happen at all


We researched pushchairs, cots and car seats

We became the experts in them all

We wanted parent facing, comfy, and easy to get out the car

But most of all we wanted to look cool


Our bumps all disappeared and turned into babies in our arms

We all laughed at the gory birthing tales

We all just squeezed the new bundles of joy

And spoke of our first parenting fails


But things changed as the babies grew

The milestones came and went but still my baby did none

We all nervously said my baby was just lazy

And that’s where the forgetful times begun


As my baby still didn’t smile, roll or babble

Yours were all sitting, some standing and evening speaking

I saw you at mums and baby groups

But the weekly coffee meetings stopped…


As our babies approached one

I see you celebrating parties and milestones from afar

My texts go unanswered, my calls go to voice mail

No more chit chat and no more girlie nights at the bar


I miss those days where we could talk and laugh

I miss those days where we discussed pushchairs and cute baby hats

I miss my friends as now I feel like no one is around

I miss you and our random chats


My life is different now I know

My baby isn’t how we thought or ever expected her to be

But I still need you and want to talk about the random life things

Please don’t forget me




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