Dribble Bubbs Review

For the last couple of months I have been trialling the Dribble Bubbs bed sheets and onesies.

All I can say is wow.

MO still sometimes struggles with setting himself during the day and night. This from researching and talking to other parents of Autistic children, is quite a common thing. I’ve been searching for a bed sheet that stays in place, is quick and easy to put on and most importantly washable. I was happy with the disposable mats but money and environmentally I wanted to use reusable ones.

If you get washable bed sheets I would highly recommend having 2, 1on the bed and 1 in the wash.

MO is quite a fidget when he is asleep and so to get a mat that stays still is very important. Dribble Bubbs does just this, it is secure and you know if there are any accidents, unless your child has wriggled off the mat, the wetness will only be there, so there is no need for the daily bedsheet changes. We personally use the sheets above the normal bed sheet and even with MOs sensitivity to noise, they are quiet and aren’t noisy with that plastic sound you expect from washable bedsheets. They are also soft enough for MO to lie on directly.

I would highly recommend the sheets and when BBG eventually potty trains, I will get some for her bed too.

The best product by far is the all in one.

The feet have grip spots on so that when BBG is walking around she doesn’t slip, which in itself is something I am surprised hasn’t been thought of before. Babies and toddlers that wear the all in ones are generally walking, so why do we put their feet in slippery materials. Its little details like this that show that these are products made by mums for mums.

The All in one also have patches on the knees and when you look closely and feel the material you will realise that it is padding. So even if your baby is like BBG and only crawls you know their clothes won’t get the thinning in the knees from the friction of crawling.

The best part, on the back is a massive patch. This patch covers the nappy area and goes slightly wider. This comes into use for those wet nights, where your baby just does the biggest wee and leaks out the nappy that was advertised would never do that. The patch has absorbent material in making it just an extra protective layer before hitting the cot. For BBG this is extremely important as she has a lot of fluids and not many solids, so you can imagine how wet she becomes at night. It isn’t just for the nappy wearing babies however, it is also for the potty training children, for those nights where they are still having the odd accident here and there. Where they are wearing the slightly thinner pull up nappies and the pull up overflows. It gives the baby the comfort of dryness, the comfort of a nappy without being in a nappy.

The last little touch, a zip. Most babies by the time they are potty trained (or in fact by the time they know how to roll), are hard to get dressed. So having the zip just makes it a little easier to get your baby changed.

The All in one has been washed multiple times a week, and hasn’t lost colour or shape. They haven’t shrunk and still look brand new.

I was hoping to get BBG to trial the extra absorbent potty training knickers, but unfortunately she isn’t quite at that stage. Unfortunately depending on her diagnosis she may not wear those knickers, however if the knickers work half as food as the mat and the All in one I would highly recommend them. Of course if BBG ever gets to the potty training stage I will naturally do a review for you.

Over all these 2 products are 5*

If you want to get hold of these products head over to Dribblebubbs.co.uk to shop their full range.

Please note I was given samples of the products reviewed. All reviews are 100% honest and my own.

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