Mummy Keeping Up With the Joneses

As a Mum I can’t believe how competitive Mums are.

It seems you can’t go anywhere without someone saying their kids are better or their parenting skills are perfect.

You go to a baby class and the mums are talking about the organic home made dinners that they make and purée down for their babies or how they only do baby led weaning with organic carrots and avocados.

You go to the supermarket and talk to a stranger who goes on about how their little lamb was talking 6 different languages at the age of 6 months.

You go to have coffee and you hear how a friends baby not only stood up at 4 months but was doing marathons by 6 months.

You hear of how some Mums have sleeping babies and how they miss their babies through the night, where your still having to get up at night for your 6 year old.

You hear how they only ever walk to school, they go to woods and do craft and the children don’t do screen time at all (no tv or tablets).

Everyone is doing more than yours, everyone is coping perfectly. No one looks at their children for a moment and thinks “what did I do!?” No one looks at their kids and thinks “I’m failing them”. Everyone just seems to be bumbling along like their in some perfect parenting tv awards show.

I wish parents didn’t do this.

I an really struggling at the moment. I am struggling with being a mum, I am struggling to be me. I am just struggling. If people stopped trying to be so perfect and said “I need help sometimes too” then people may stop feeling so useless.

We are women and men all trying to bring up as healthy and mentally positive children into the world, so why do we turn everything into a competition?

Our babies are only babies for such a short amount of time, so why are we trying to get them to grow up so quickly and why are we wasting their precious baby days to be in some imaginary competition?

I just can’t get my head around it…

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