How do you keep pregnancy special

Unless you’ve been in space this last few months you probably would know about Kylie Jenner and the whole, is she pregnant, isn’t she pregnant. She finally announced she had given birth to a little girl on 1st February.

It made me think what do we keep quiet while pregnant about, do we/ should we tell everyone everything or are there things we keep secret.

When to tell people you are expecting

With my first baby I told close friends and family I was pregnant pretty much the day I took the pregnancy test. I let Facebook know when I was about 6 weeks pregnant!

I had terrible pregnancy with my first and was told all sorts of things would be wrong with my beautiful baby girl and so for my second pregnancy we kept the news to ourselves until I was 23 weeks. I wanted the 20 week scan to be ok before I let the world know I was having baby number 2.

With SB I went to Australia, came back and I had got DVT (blood clot). I found out I was pregnant and out of shock told the world when I was about 8 weeks gone.

With BBG we had the 12 week scan and then announced to close family and then Facebook that we were expecting.

But what is right?

I’ve known people tell the world as soon as the pregnancy test comes back positive, I’ve known people not tell social media at all and just let their friends and family know. Do you let people know early on, or wait until later on in the pregnancy?

Due Date

For all 3 of the older kids, we announced the due date at the time we showed the world the scan. This just seemed natural, however for our third due to going into early and premature labour in the past we decided to just let people know we were expecting a summer baby. It was an amazing experience. People were stunned when I wouldn’t tell them the due date and I just felt I wanted to keep that special date to myself.


We found out the gender with 3 out of 4 pregnancies. We wanted to keep the gender a secret for the 4th so that only we knew, however it was a lot harder then I expected, plus I wanted to show people the things we had got for the new bundle of joy.

I know people like keeping this a secret and I really do applaud them as it is something I could not do! I wanted to do it as I feel that 9 months is so special, once the baby is born everyone will know it’s a girl or a boy anyway so why would we need to share this before?

When the baby arrives

We had a planned induction 3 weeks before BBG was due. We didn’t tell a soul except our immediate family. It was amazing being able to announce our new bundle of joy to the world, no one knowing it was coming, no one texting constantly to ask how it was going, is the baby there yet. I had that with my other children and it just made Labour more stressful. I know I didn’t have to check my phone and see the texts but me being me I had to! Especially as the induction medication started to work and I played games to keep my mind occupied.

Also knowing that I could enjoy labour with no one knowing I was there, enjoy cuddling my new bundle of awesomeness without people messaging you for pictures. I know they are excited but I did love just being in my own little world. Especially as BBG wasn’t quite right, so I got to tell the world she had arrived when I was ready. With SB he was born premature and we let the world know he was premature and about to be born, and people expected to be told as soon as he was born that he had arrived with a picture and yet in reality he was taken away to special care and we had to wait to see him and cuddle him and people didn’t seem to understand I wasn’t up to announcing the arrival of my healthy baby boy, as we didn’t know what was happening.

There are so many more things you can keep to yourself; scans, pictures of the baby and moments like first kicks. You can tell the world everything or nothing. It is completely up to you.

Is it more stressful to tell people things or to keep it to yourself? In all honesty, it’s up to what kind of person you are.

Whatever your choices, don’t let people pressure you into changing them.

If you want to keep the name a secret, then don’t tell people.

If you want to keep your babies picture off of social media, then do it.

It’s your baby, your family, your life.

Did you keep anything a secret or do you wish you did?

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