Postcode Lottery

I’d heard of the postcode lottery but never really understood what it meant until now.

Back in November you may recall I moved, well although the move was only 3.2 miles I technically crossed boundaries of councils and also healthcare. My health visitor had to change and all our hard work thinking about getting an EHCPlan for MO has been put on hold as the school is in a different area and funding circle to where we now live.

At my old address for BBG we got; physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and an extremely good health visitor, she was absolutely amazing and pushed for us to get all the help we possibly could… which in this instance wasn’t a lot at all. We did however have a specialist disability health visitor who also came to see us to help fill out forms etc.

Basically that was it. That was all we could get.

Now we’ve moved to a different area and things are completely different. We’ve been here around 3 months and we have already had a couple of assessments. The council has also got involved and BBG is already known to their special education section meaning an EHCPlan should be easier to get.

We can now get a service from a thing called Portage. They come to our house once a week (well once there is a space, but we are on their waiting list) and help us and set goals etc.

We have also had various groups opened up to us that are funded by the council.

We have different assessments and workers coming over in the next couple of weeks, all for various help and support that I don’t even know what for as there are that many!

When we lived in our old house the nearest special needs school in catchment was 45 minutes away. Our current address, well we have various special needs schools ranging in specialisms and all within 20 minute drive!

It seems my phone never stops ringing for another support group or assessor wants to book up a time slot.

My daughter and her needs and my son and his needs haven’t changed at all and yet just because we have moved so many more services have become available for our family.

I am obviously thrilled at the extra help and support but what if it was the other way round? What if I moved to my old area? I would go from so much help, to practically nothing.

How is that fair?

I don’t know the answer and I know it really depends on how the councils spend their funds, so probably in other areas my old council was better than my new one. I just can’t fathom how any one in the powers that make the rules find the post code lottery acceptable.

My jaw physically dropped when my new health visitor listed all the support I was now able to get. I just feel outrage for all the families in my old position. With disabled children but with funds being limited no real support.

How can it be down to where you live?

How can disability not change and yet a postcode decides on what help you can get?

How can some authorities be so compassionate and so helpful to the people who need the extra help and other authorities it almost feels like we are an afterthought and there is nothing?

The postcode lottery will stay this way until some sort of change happens, but what changes, in all honesty, I have no idea!


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