World Book Day with Pizza Express

So another year has passed and another World Book day has arrived!


This is one day that the children love to get involved in. Our book corner is huge and in fact is the most used area of the house. BG happily curls up and reads books to her brothers and sister and I can often find her immersed in a book.


So when BG and I were invited to PizzaExpress to do a novel writing workshop with Scribblers HQ, I jumped at the chance. It sounded amazing.


To celebrate World Book Day 2018, official partner PizzaExpress is launching ‘How to Write a Novel in 60 Minutes’ kids workshops in various restaurants across the UK.

PizzaExpress knows stories can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere, even when you’re waiting for your pizza. That’s why parents and their children are invited to join the wordsmiths from Scribbler HQ for a morning of words, wonder, suspense, twists, plots, goodies and naturally an evil old villain or two at PizzaExpress restaurants in Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Leeds throughout March.


Pizza Express


We got to the workshop and BG couldn’t wait to start writing as she took her seat, she was a little confused as to how she was going to write a whole story in an hour but she loved the challenge.


All throughout the hour, BG was absolutely captivated. She was bouncing off ideas and decided to write about a unicorn that was upset due to be lonely, not only that, the unicorn could cry pearls!


She designed a cover for the book and at the end of the hour came over and enthusiastically showed me her novel. She proudly read the story and explained how she thought up the ideas.


When I asked if she would go again, her answer was a massive grin followed by, “Yes!


The workshops are being held across the country and are suitable for children aged 7-12. To book your place click on the links below:


PizzaExpress have also brought out a special edition Dough Ball Times activity pack to support World Book Day, which will be available until the 25 March. The pack will include a £1 National Book Token and a chance to enter their competition to win a year’s supply of books


So if you want to go to a brilliant free workshop that will set your children’s imaginations on fire, book onto one of the 3 workshops happening this month.


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