Mothers Day

Mother’s Day, one Sunday a year when us Mum’s are spoilt with tea, food and cards (home made or shop bought). When was the last time we told our Mum “I love you”.

Do you tell her everyday via text, call or in person, or do you only say it on special occasions or even never?

Pizza Express conducted a survey of 2000 people and the results surprised me.

According to the results on average we say “I love you” 12 times to our mum, with only 5 of these times being face to face. Infact 38% of young adults use WhatsApp as the way to say those 3 magic words, with 29% taking a similar route through social media platforms.

The part that shocked me the most in the survey

15 per cent admit they NEVER say the ‘three little words’ and 14 per cent don’t tell their mum they love them in person

I am one of the 2/5 people that feels they need to say those 3 words more often. In fact out of these people most are female.

Timothy Love, the PizzaExpress’ Senior Marketing Manager, said:

This Mother’s Day we wanted to encourage people to really show mum how much she means to them. We don’t spend enough time sharing the things we enjoy with our loved ones and we rarely take the time to tell mum face-to-face just how special she is.

Our film will hopefully inspire people to make this a very special Mother’s Day and what better way to celebrate, than over a pizza?

To see the video click here.

As Mother’s Day here, I want to make sure I personally change these statistics. I love my mum, and I would hate for her not to know this. So I will start this special day to let my Mum know how special she is, I will make sure I don’t just say it on Sunday but I tell my Mum throughout the year.

Research commissioned by YouGov on behalf of PizzaExpress in February 2018.


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