Stressful times!

How much stress can I person take!

I always thought that I could deal with stress well. My previous jobs had always been stressful and yet I seemed to be able to switch off when I left the office. I have moved internationally with 3 children, one being only a few months old, and yet the stress just went over my head, well I may have been slightly grumpy on days, or I may have just had to take 5 minute break and I would have been fine.

I then had our nearly 2 year old and my stress before was like a walk in the park.

I don’t like hospitals at all; their smell, the busy atmosphere, the noise, I can’t stand it and will only to go to hospital if essential. Yet they seem to be our second home, in fact my phone asked whether to put the hospital address in as my workplace as we are there so often! So my stress just on this side of things is through the roof, that’s before you add in the fact that my daughter has stopped breathing, her collapsing has increased and we still don’t know what is causing all her issues.

The stress got too much and so I decided to treat my stress like a chore a few months ago and this has helped tremendously.

If you don’t wash your clothes and do the household chores, your house becomes a state, you run out of food and run out of clothes to wear that are clean.  Which is the same as stress. If you don’t tackle it whether it be quick daily chore or a weekly bigger chore, it will get out of control.

I don’t do major things to sort out my stress but I do allow myself a bath either every day or at least once a week. I lock the door, my husband is on kids duty and in that room for the hour or half hour I just sit, I read a book, I cry, I wash my hair, I just completely unwind. I forget my stress that is outside of that door and just think of myself.

At night time when everyone is asleep, I will turn on my yoga DVD and just sit and do yoga for a half hour to an hour. I don’t know if I am doing the poses correctly but the soothing voice that comes from the TV into my silent room is priceless.

I have started to do a boot camp, I go out on a Thursday night for 90 minutes and work out! I push myself to the limits, I ache, I am out of breath and feel like I am going to collapse but wow do I feel better after! It really is true, exercise does release the endorphins that make you feel so much better.

De stressing for me is just having that little time alone. Whether it is a quick 5 minutes where I can just relax and do breathing techniques, or whether it is a longer hour where I can do an activity just for me.

I am in a lucky position, where my stress got too much I could jet off to see family and friends alone to Australia and New Zealand. Hearing the waves at the ocean, being in the warm, doing things I wanted to do was amazing! I came back completely relaxed ready for the stress to start all over again!

Life looking after a child with disability is very selfless, your whole time is making sure that they are ok, even when not with them you are worrying, and to take that little break to just completely have no thoughts and forget your stresses is a must! We can’t live stress free it just won’t happen but we can learn to deal with the stress.

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