Autism where are we at?

This week we had a One Plan meeting for our amazing MO. His old SENco (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) at his school left last term and Dad was introduced to his new SENco. I couldn’t go unfortunately as I was at home having an appointment for BBG.


It was a really productive meeting apparently. I was a little skeptical as I thought in our hour slot, there wouldn’t be a lot of time to discuss everything we needed to, however this was not the case.

Dad managed to go through everything, he managed to explain all of his unique stims and what we were worried about for the near future. The fact that he still can not recognise worry as an emotion was brought up and this is one that we know he gets a lot of, however the fact he understands (or at least seems to understand) happy, sad and angry now is such a positive.


One of our main concerns at the moment is that MO is back to self harming, hitting his head against walls and the floor, that he is back to nibbling and gnawing at things (just in 2 weeks he has nibbled holes into expensive school jumpers!).


MO seems to be doing brilliantly academically which is fantastic news for us to hear, but as a high functioning autistic this does not surprise me to a degree, he does however have a low concentration level and this is something we need to improve.

To have a positive meeting and a feeling like our son is happy and is progressing at school was such an uplifting thing to happen.


He still has so many social things to learn, however this takes time, and patience from both us and him. Also, at the moment he doesn’t really understand the need for social needs and therefore won’t learn them and I am back to thinking does he need to learn these social skills for him or is it for me?


It is a fine line on accepting MO and his amazingness, while trying to teach him how to cope in the big wide world to make life easier for him, and teaching him things so that we have an easier life but actually not learning certain skills won’t have a negative impact on MOs world.


He never fails to amaze me and every day he reminds me that he is different, sometimes in a way where I yell internally as he is lashing out, or I shout for joy as he gives me a hug and says he loves me, to just being super proud of him as he comes out of school and says that he played with another child. He isn’t the easiest child and I feel awful putting that I struggle most of the time, but like I always say, I would never change him, I want to change the world for him.




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