Test of parenting

This past 7 days has been a massive test of parenting!

BBG collapsed in an episode on Sunday while outside on the patio. Sadly she fell wrong. Dad made her move her arm, watched as she played and saw that she was able to play and move her arm and hand ok. He put her down for a nap and afterwards noticed she couldn’t crawl and seemed to not be able to put any weight on her shoulder.

He picked me up from work and went straight to A&E as we thought she may have done something to her shoulder.

It was chaotic in the emergency department! We couldn’t have picked a busier time to go. However we were seen by the triage nurse very quickly and sent through the the paediatric emergency waiting room. Where again it was only when crawling she seemed in pain.

After an X-ray we were told she had broken her little wrist so needed to be put in a cast!

I felt like the worst parent in the world! The only relief was the fact she wasn’t showing any pain, so much so that the drs didn’t even think she had anything wrong with her to start with!

Then yesterday SB was shutting the patio door when the wind caught the door and slammed it shut right onto his thumb!

After looking at his thumb and hearing his screams again I was at A&E for the 2nd time in a week! This time we were in and out in an hour. Told he had suffered a small hairline fracture but no need for a cast, just simple testing of the thumb!

We have a further 2 weeks of half term holidays here! I am not looking forward to them as the way my kids are hurting themselves their going to walk into school in a full body cast!

I know there was nothing I could do for either incident but that doesn’t stop the Mum guilt from coming!

We are now on an urgent referral for a helmet for BBG (we were going to consider being put on one next physiotherapy) and looking at getting some sort of matting for outside to hopefully pad her falls if needed again.

I know accidents happen, I know this doesn’t show me as a bad parent but to me I feel like I’m flunking parenting!

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