The Amazing Craft Company Review

What do you do on a typical rainy British day, when your kids don't want to splash in the puddles anymore and you just want to stay in the warm? That is the question I come up against a lot of the time, especially during the school holidays. So when The Amazing Craft Company approached me … Continue reading The Amazing Craft Company Review


An Unexpected Adventure to Hospital

This morning my alarm woke me up at 6.30. I stretched my arms and legs and dragged myself into BBGs nursery. She had slept through the night and for anyone who breast feeds you will understand the ache I was feeling, plus BBG never sleeps through the night.  Bleary eyed I bent down and scooped … Continue reading An Unexpected Adventure to Hospital

Educational Worksheets

I was recently approached by to review their educational worksheets. I chose to do the Autumn Subtraction Worksheet with MO. This was perfect and so simple to use that MO once we explained how to use the sheet, sat and worked through everything by himself. It gave him independence and completely boosted his self … Continue reading Educational Worksheets

A day out with our Autism Family 

Today we had the pleasure of doing a 3km sponsored walk for The National Autistic Society.  To most 3km sounds like nothing but to us it potentially could have been a nightmare! MO doesn't do new places well, MO also can walk and does walk however sometimes he flatly refuses, we also had to contend … Continue reading A day out with our Autism Family