Moaning doesn’t mean I am not grateful

Tomorrow is BBG's 1st birthday! As we approach this milestone it not only got me thinking back to my pregnancies, it got me thinking about what other things. A lot of people stand mouth wide open when I utter a negative word about BBG. These negative words are nothing that another parent may say, for … Continue reading Moaning doesn’t mean I am not grateful


50 things I would do differently in pregnancy

I have had 4 babies and each pregnancy and labour I have learn't from the last but if I got pregnant again, what list would I make myself about what I have learnt from my past pregnancies. Here is a list of things I would do differently. Relax more Take more bump pictures Less sharing … Continue reading 50 things I would do differently in pregnancy

Sylvanian Families Ice Cream Shop

I was extremely excited to be sent through a Sylvanian Families Ice Cream Shop (RRP £29.99) to review recently. I grew up playing with Sylvanian Families at friends houses and it was always on my Christmas and Birthday lists growing up. In fact Sylvanian Families have been around since 1985 (so their 4 years older then … Continue reading Sylvanian Families Ice Cream Shop

More 2 Explore Adventure Belt

One of the main issues I find when travelling around with the children is the safety aspect. MO can be rather unpredictable and can suddenly dart into a road, so if I am pushing the pushchair, having to quickly grab him can be very dangerous for all involved. Also, with crowds or shopping if I … Continue reading More 2 Explore Adventure Belt

Being a mum you can still have some Glitz

If your anything like me, you love sparkly things. So when I was invited to the Glitzbox pop up shop and the Meet the Designers evening, I knew this would be my next post in my Looking After Mum Series.    Before I was a Mum, I loved buying all sorts of things for me, … Continue reading Being a mum you can still have some Glitz